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The Temptations of Trade

The Temptations of Trade reveals the opportunities and tensions of doing business in regions far from strict imperial control, where the actions of individuals could both connect empires and drive them to war.

The Temptations of Trade
Britain, Spain, and the Struggle for Empire

Adrian Finucane

2016 | 224 pages | Cloth $47.50
American History
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Table of Contents

Prologue: Before the Asiento
Chapter 1. Britain Hopes for the "Riches of America," 1713-1716
Chapter 2. The Stuttering Success of the Early Trade, 1717-1728
Chapter 3. "Unjust Depredations" and Growing Tensions, 1729-1738
Chapter 4. The End of the British Asiento, 1739-1748
Epilogue: Beyond the Asiento

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