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Dispossessed Lives

Vividly recounting the lives of enslaved women in eighteenth-century Bridgetown, Barbados, and their conditions of confinement through urban, legal, sexual, and representational power wielded by slave owners, authorities, and the archive, Marisa J. Fuentes challenges how histories of vulnerable and invisible subjects are written.

Dispossessed Lives
Enslaved Women, Violence, and the Archive

Marisa J. Fuentes

2016 | 232 pages | Cloth $55.00 | Paper $24.95
American History / Women's Studies/Gender Studies
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Jane: Fugitivity, Space, and Structures of Control in Bridgetown
Chapter 2. Rachael and Joanna: Power, Historical Figuring, and Troubling Freedom
Chapter 3. Agatha: White Women Slaveowners and the Dialectic of Racialized Gender
Chapter 4. Molly: Enslaved Women, Condemnation, and Gendered Terror
Chapter 5. "Venus": Abolition Discourse, Gendered Violence, and the Archive


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