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Identity: The Necessity of a Modern Idea is the first comprehensive history of the concept that answers the question, "who, or what, am I?" Gerald Izenberg contends that our most important identities, while historically conditioned, are rooted in permanent categories of human existence, such as sexuality, sociality, and labor.

The Necessity of a Modern Idea

Gerald Izenberg

2016 | 552 pages | Cloth $65.00 | Paper $32.50
History / Cultural Studies / Philosophy
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Table of Contents

Introduction. The New "Discourse" of Identity
Chapter 1. Identity Becomes an Issue: European Literature Between the World Wars
Chapter 2. The Ontological Critique of Identity: Heidegger and Sartre
Chapter 3. Identity Becomes a Word: Erik Erikson and Psychological Identity
Chapter 4. Social Identity and the Birth of Identity Politics, 1945-1970
Chapter 5. Collective Identities and Their Agendas, 1970-2000
Chapter 6. The Practical Politics of National and Multicultural Identity: Germany, France, Canada, and the United States, 1970-2010
Chapter 7. The Problem of Collective Identity in Liberal Democracy
Chapter 8. The Contradictions of Postmodern Identity
Chapter 9. Identity Transforms the Social Sciences
Chapter 10. The Kinds of Kinds: Explaining Collective Identity
Chapter 11. Identity as an Ethical Issue
Conclusion. The Necessity of Identity


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