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The Promise of Human Rights

Jamie Mayerfeld defends international human rights law as an extension of domestic checks and balances and therefore necessary to constitutional government. The book combines theoretical reflections on democracy and constitutionalism with a case study of the contrasting human rights policies of Europe and the United States.

The Promise of Human Rights
Constitutional Government, Democratic Legitimacy, and International Law

Jamie Mayerfeld

2016 | 320 pages | Cloth $69.95 | Paper $29.95
Political Science / Law
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Human Rights
Chapter 2. Madison's Compound Republic and the Logic of Checks and Balances
Chapter 3. Europe and the Virtues of International Constitutionalism
Chapter 4. American Exceptionalism and the Betrayal of Human Rights, Part I: The Torture Memos
Chapter 5. American Exceptionalism and the Betrayal of Human Rights, Part II: Enabling Torture
Chapter 6. The Democratic Legitimacy of International Human Rights Law


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