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Founding Acts

Founding Acts argues that how constitutions are made (or their pedigree) is morally and politically as significant as what they are made of (or their content). On this view, democratic constitution-making is not only about making a democratic constitution, but also about making it democratically.

Founding Acts
Constitutional Origins in a Democratic Age

Serdar Tekin

2016 | 208 pages | Cloth $49.95
Political Science / Law
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Table of Contents

Introduction. The Problem of Democratic Founding
Chapter 1. Origins and Foundations: Two Features of the Modern Constitution
Chapter 2. The Paradox of Democratic Founding: Canonical Statements and Contemporary Perspectives
Chapter 3. The People and the Lawgiver: Rousseau on the Possibility of Democratic Founding
Chapter 4. Building a Homeland: Founding and Identity in Hannah Arendt's Jewish Writings
Chapter 5. Revolution and Constitution: The Legitimacy of Beginning in Question
Chapter 6. Law and Democracy in Founding Moments: Deliberative Constitution-Making
Conclusion. "The Act by Which a People Is a People"


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