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Korea's Grievous War

Korea's Grievous War presents the historical background, political motivations, legal bases, and social consequences of anticommunist violence, tracing the enduring legacy of this destruction in the testimonies of survivors and bereaved families that only now can give voice to the lived experience of this grievous war and its aftermath.

Korea's Grievous War

Su-kyoung Hwang

2016 | 264 pages | Cloth $69.95
History / American History
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Table of Contents

Note on Transcriptions and Testimonies
List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1. Terror in Cheju Island
Chapter 2. Emergency Laws and the Crisis of Human Rights
Chapter 3. Ideological Persecution and the Massacre of 1950
Chapter 4. Observing Political Violence in Korea
Chapter 5. Politics of Fear in the Bombing of Korea
Chapter 6. The Bereaved Families


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