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Socrates and Alcibiades

In Socrates and Alcibiades, Ariel Helfer provides a new interpretation of Plato's account of the relationship between Socrates and the infamous Athenian general Alcibiades, in the process revealing a complex Platonic teaching on the nature and corruptibility of political ambition.

Socrates and Alcibiades
Plato's Drama of Political Ambition and Philosophy

Ariel Helfer

2017 | 232 pages | Cloth $65.00
Political Science / Philosophy
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Socrates' Promise and Alcibiades' Failure (Alcibiades 103-116)
Chapter 2. The Exaltation of Virtue (Alcibiades 116-135)
Chapter 3. Rescuing Alcibiades (Second Alcibiades)
Chapter 4. A Puzzling Retrospective (Symposium 211-222)

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