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Featuring a fine-grained history of Chicago's working class, Postwar investigates what the aftermath of World War II meant to a broad swath of Americans and finds a working-class war liberalism—a conviction that the wartime state had taken things from people and that the postwar era was about reclaiming those things with the state's help.

Waging Peace in Chicago

Laura McEnaney

2018 | 288 pages | Cloth $45.00
American History / African-American Studies/African Studies
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Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations

Introduction. The End
Chapter 1. Bathrooms, Bedrooms, and Basements: War Liberalism in the Postwar Apartment
Chapter 2. Japanese Americans on Parole: The Perils and Promises of a Postwar State
Chapter 3. Living the GI Bill: Postwar Prosperity Through Government Dependency
Chapter 4. "I Would Not Call This the More Abundant Life": Working-Class Women Get Their Peace
Chapter 5. After the Double V: African Americans Demobilize for a "Real Peace"
Conclusion. Writing the History of What Happened After

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