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Nietzsche in the Nineteenth Century

Nietzsche in the Nineteenth Century shows how Nietzsche formulated his thought in an ongoing dialogue with the concerns of his contemporaries and how his philosophy can be conceived as a contribution to the debates taking place in Europe at the time in the realms of politics, society, and science.

Nietzsche in the Nineteenth Century
Social Questions and Philosophical Interventions

Robert C. Holub

2018 | 536 pages | Cloth $85.00
Cultural Studies / Philosophy / Literature
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Table of Contents

A Note on Citations
Introduction: The Timely Meditator

Chapter 1. The Education Question
Chapter 2. The German Question
Chapter 3. The Social Question
Chapter 4. The Women's Question
Chapter 5. The Colonial Question
Chapter 6. The Jewish Question
Chapter 7. The Evolution Question
Chapter 8. The Cosmological Question
Chapter 9. The Eugenics Question

Concluding Remarks


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