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The Psychology of Inequality

The Psychology of Inequality shows how amour-propre can be transformed into the demand for praise, whether or not one displays praiseworthy qualities, and demonstrates the ways in which this pathology continues to play a leading role in the psychology and politics of modern liberal democracies.

The Psychology of Inequality
Rousseau's "Amour-Propre"

Michael Locke McLendon

2018 | 224 pages | Cloth $69.95
Political Science / Philosophy
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Being Aristos and the Politics of Aristocracy
Chapter 2. Amor Sui and Amour-Propre in Augustine and Neo-Augustinianism: Surrogate
Virtue or Gateway to Libido Dominandi?
Chapter 3. Amour-Propre in Rousseau: Subverting the Aristocratic Personality
Chapter 4. Tocqueville's Liberal Reply


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