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Capitalism Contested

Arguing the New Deal order is a product of a particular set of political institutions, social movements, ideological propensities, and legislative initiatives, Capitalism Contested offers an analysis of the degree to which that order persists and the ways in which it has been transcended or overthrown.

Capitalism Contested
The New Deal and Its Legacies

Edited by Romain Huret, Nelson Lichtenstein, and Jean-Christian Vinel

2020 | 360 pages | Cloth $45.00
American History / Political Science / Public Policy
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Table of Contents

Introduction. The New Deal: A Lost Golden Age?
Romain Huret, Nelson Lichtenstein, and Jean-Christian Vinel

Part I. The Political Economy of New Deal Reformism

Chapter 1. Transcending the New Deal Idea of the State: Managerialism, Neoliberalism, and Democracy
K. Sabeel Rahman

Chapter 2. Inventing the American Economy
Timothy Shenk

Chapter 3. The Triumph of the Mixed Economy: The New Deal Order, Keynes, and the Genius of American Liberalism
Jason Scott Smith

Chapter 4. The Strange Career of Institutional Keynesianism
Samir Sonti

Part II. New Deal Headwinds: Contestation and Resistance

Chapter 5. The Unanticipated Consequences of New Deal Poor Relief: Welfare Rights, Empowered States, and the Revival of Localism
Karen M. Tani

Chapter 6. Financing Security and Opportunity: The New Deal and the Origins of the Millennial Student Debt Crisis
Elizabeth Tandy Shermer

Chapter 7. The Shackles of the Past: Constitutional Property Tax Limitations and the Fall of the New Deal Order
Isaac William Martin

Chapter 8. The Koch Network: Property Supremacist Ideology and Politics in the Twenty-First Century
Nancy MacLean

Part III. Capital and Labor in the Twilight of the New Deal

Chapter 9. Economic Royalists and Their Kingdom in the New Deal Era and Beyond
Nelson Lichtenstein

Chapter 10. The High-Tech Revolution and the Disruption of American Capitalism
Margaret O'Mara

Chapter 11. The Other Operation Dixie: Public Employees and the Resilience of Urban Liberalism
William P. Jones

Chapter 12. Constructing a New Labor Law for the Post-New Deal Era
Kate Andrias

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