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Democracy's Think Tank

In Democracy's Think Tank, Brian S. Mueller tells the story of the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) and its crusade to resurrect democracy at home and abroad. Borrowing from populist, progressive, and New Left traditions, IPS challenged elite expertise and sought to restore power to "the people."

Democracy's Think Tank
The Institute for Policy Studies and Progressive Foreign Policy

Brian S. Mueller

2021 | 312 pages | Cloth $45.00
Political Science / Public Policy
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Table of Contents


Introduction. Peace Intellectuals Against Cold War Liberalism
Chapter 1. On a Mission to Save Liberalism
Chapter 2. A World Safe for Diversity: IPS's Road Map for a Post-Cold War Order
Chapter 3. Let the Dominoes Fall Where They May: Ideological Pluralism in Vietnam
Chapter 4. The National Security State and the Men Behind It
Chapter 5. Pocketbooks, Morality, and Human Rights
Chapter 6. A War for the World's Resources
Chapter 7. A Citizen's Army for a Post-Cold War Order
Chapter 8. Arms Control Is Not Disarmament
Epilogue. Reviving Democracy in Post-Cold War America


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