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Invisible Enlighteners

In Invisible Enlighteners, Federica Francesconi writes the history of the Jewish merchants who prospered in the northern Italian city of Modena during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Their sociocultural transformation and legal and political integration evolved through a dialogue between their Italian and Jewish identities.

Invisible Enlighteners
The Jewish Merchants of Modena, from the Renaissance to the Emancipation

Federica Francesconi

2021 | 400 pages | Cloth $79.95
History / Religion
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Table of Contents


Note on Spelling, Translations, and Currency

Chapter 1. A Network of Jewish Families in the Early Modern Period: The Road Toward Ghettoization
Chapter 2. Jewish Leaders, Their Circles, and Their Books Before the Inquisition: A Parallel Story
Chapter 3. The Jewish Household: Family Networks, Social Control, and Gendered Spaces
Chapter 4. The "Invisible" Wealth of Silver: The Journey of the Formigginis from the Ghetto to the Ducal Court
Chapter 5. Jewish Female Agency in the Ghetto Mercantile Elite
Chapter 6. The Jewish Urban Geography of the Ghetto and Beyond
Chapter 7. Moisè Formiggini Before Napoleon: Two Steps Toward Emancipation and One Step Back

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