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Surveillance Capitalism in America

Surveillance Capitalism in America explores the historical development of commercial surveillance long before computers and suggests that a ubiquitous but often unseen surveillance infrastructure created by business and the state has been central to American capitalism since the nation's founding.

Surveillance Capitalism in America

Edited by Josh Lauer and Kenneth Lipartito

Oct 2021 | 288 pages | Cloth $65.00
American History / Economics
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Surveillance Under Capitalism
Josh Lauer and Kenneth Lipartito
Chapter 1. Enslaved Watchmen: Surveillance and Sousveillance in Jamaica and the British Atlantic World
Caitlin Rosenthal and Cameron Black
Chapter 2. The Information Bazaar: Mail-Order Magazines and the Gilded Age Trade in Consumer Data
Richard K. Popp
Chapter 3. The Case of the Competing Pinkertons: Managing Reputation Through the Paperwork and Bureaucracy of Surveillance
Jamie L. Pietruska
Chapter 4. Mystery Shoppers and Self-Monitors: Managing Emotional Labor to Improve the Corporate Image
Daniel Robert
Chapter 5. The Watchful Gaze Behind the Welcoming Smile: Surveilling the Guest in American Hotels in the Interwar Period
Megan Elias
Chapter 6. Seeing Straight: Policing Sexualities in 1930s Manhattan Nightclubs
Jennifer Le Zotte
Chapter 7. High Priority: Business's War on Drugs and the Expansion of Surveillance in the United States
Jeremy Milloy
Chapter 8. Why Did Uptown Go Down in Flames? Uptown Cigarettes and the Targeted Marketing Crisis
Dan Guadagnolo
Chapter 9. Surveillance Capitalism Online: Cookies, Notice and Choice, and Web Privacy
Meg Leta Jones
Sarah E. Igo
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