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Time for Reparations

Past state injustice has enduring consequences and the harm needs to be addressed as a matter of justice and equity. Time for Reparations offers detailed case studies of state injustices—from slavery to forced sterilization to widespread atrocities—and interdisciplinary perspectives on the potential impact of reparative strategies.

Time for Reparations
A Global Perspective

Edited by Jacqueline Bhabha, Margareta Matache, Caroline Elkins

Sep 2021 | 384 pages | Cloth $99.95 | Paper $34.95
Political Science / Law
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Table of Contents

Albie Sachs

Jacqueline Bhabha
Part I. Addressing the Legacy of Slavery
1. Reparations for Slavery: A Productive Strategy?
Makau Mutua
2. Slavery, Universities, and Reparations
Adam Rothman
3. "Free Citizens of This Nation": Cherokee Slavery, Descendants of Freedpeople, and Possibilities for Repair
Tiya Miles
4. The Jamaican Case for Reparations Against the British Government for Slavery and Colonization
Bert S. Samuels
5. The University and Slavery: Reflections upon the History and Future of the University of the West Indies
Sir Hilary Beckles
6. French Justice and the Claims for Reparations by Slave Descendants in Guadeloupe
Mireille Fanon Mendes France

Part II. Reparations: Precedents and Lessons Learned
7. History on Trial: Mau Mau Reparations and the High Court of Justice
Caroline Elkins
8. A Critical Assessment of Colombia's Reparations Policies in the Context of the Peace Process
Kathryn Sikkink, Douglas A. Johnson, Phuong Pham, and Patrick Vinck
9. Justice Beyond the Final Verdict: The Role of Court-Ordered Reparations in the Struggle for Indigenous Peoples' Human Rights in Guatemala
Irma A. Velásquez Nimatuj and Aileen Ford
10. Colonial History at Court: Legal Decisions and Their Social Dilemmas
Nicole L. Immler

Part III. Outstanding Issues: Unrepaired State-Sponsored Collective Injustice
11. Unhealed Wounds of World War I: Armenia, Kurdistan, and Palestine
Rashid Khalidi
12. Nakba Denial: Israeli Resistance to Palestinian Refugee Reparations
Michael R. Fischbach
13. Repairing Colonial Symmetry: Algerian Archive Restitution As Reparation for Crimes of Colonialism?
Susan Slyomovics
14. The Romani Genocide During the Holocaust: Resistance and Restitution
Ian Hancock

Part IV. Ways Forward for Reparations
15. The Roma Case for Reparations
Margareta Matache and Jacqueline Bhabha
16. What Justice for Starvation Crimes?
Alex de Waal and Bridget Conley
17. Stopping the Crimes While Repairing the Victims: Personal Reflections of a Global Prosecutor
Luis Moreno Ocampo with the collaboration of Joanna Frivet

Mary T. Bassett

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