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The Creole Archipelago

By approaching the colonial Caribbean as an interconnected region, Tessa Murphy recasts small islands as the site of broader contests over Indigenous dominion, racial belonging, economic development, and colonial subjecthood.

The Creole Archipelago
Race and Borders in the Colonial Caribbean

Tessa Murphy

Oct 2021 | 352 pages | Cloth $45.00
American History / Latin American Studies/Caribbean Studies
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Table of Contents

Introduction. Islands Beyond Empires
Chapter 1. Kalinago Dominion and the Shape of the Eastern Caribbean
Chapter 2. Creating the Creole Archipelago
Chapter 3. Colonizing the Caribbean Frontier
Chapter 4. Seeking a Place as Colonial Subjects
Chapter 5. Surviving the Turn to Sugar
Chapter 6. An Empire Disordered
Chapter 7. Revolutions and the End of Accommodation
Conclusion. Echoes of the Creole Archipelago
List of Abbreviations

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