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The Changing Terrain of Religious Freedom

This volume offers theoretical, historical, and legal perspectives on religious freedom, as an experience, value, and right. Drawing on examples from around the world, its essays show how the terrain of religious freedom has never been smooth and how in recent years the landscape of religious freedom has shifted.

The Changing Terrain of Religious Freedom

Edited by Heather J. Sharkey and Jeffrey Edward Green

Sep 2021 | 312 pages | Cloth $55.00
Political Science
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Table of Contents

Introduction: The Landscape of Religious Freedom
Heather J. Sharkey and Jeffrey Edward Green
Part I. Ethical Arguments
Chapter 1. A Right of Its Own: A Case for the Human Right of Religious Freedom
Daniel Philpott
Chapter 2. Can Freedom of Religion or Belief (FoRB) Be Universal?
Heiner Bielefeldt
Part II. The Social Contingency of Religious Freedom Disputes
Chapter 3. Microclimates of Religious Freedom: Global Norms Meet Local Conditions in Territorial Hawai'i and Occupied Japan
Jolyon Baraka Thomas
Chapter 4. The Protection of Religion as "Culture" and "History": Three Case Studies
Lori G. Beaman
Chapter 5. "Baptism of Ire": Atheist Plaintiffs and Irreligious Freedom in Postwar America
Leigh E. Schmidt
Chapter 6. The Heads or Tails of Cow Protection in India: Religious Freedom and Secular Agriculture
Cassie Adcock
Chapter 7. Bad Faith: Religious Fraud and Religious Freedom in the "Mighty I AM" Case
William Schultz
Part III. The (Mis)application of Religious Freedom
Chapter 8. The Historian's Pickaxe: Uncovering the Racist Origins of the Religious Right
Randall Balmer
Chapter 9. Female Genital Cutting in Michigan: How Advocates of the Dawoodi Bohra Distorted Religious Freedom to Control Women's Sexual Conduct
Kristina Arriaga
Chapter 10. The U.S. Supreme Court and the Future of Religious Freedom in the United States
Joshua Matz
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