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Taxpayer Compliance, Volume 1

Drawing on multiple disciplines with a significant interest in taxpayer compliance, Volume I critically reviews previous research on the subject, reaches conclusions and recommends future research programs to fill gaps in knowledge.

Taxpayer Compliance, Volume 1
An Agenda for Research

Edited by Jeffrey A. Roth, John T. Scholz, and Ann Dryden Witte

1989 | 414 pages | Cloth $79.95
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Table of Contents


1-Paying Taxes
2-Understanding Taxpayer Compliance: Self-Interest, Social Commitment, and Other Influences
3-Expanding the Framework of Analysis
4-Extending Research on Tax Administration
5-Data Needs for Taxpayer Compliance Research
6-Getting Started: What Needs to Be Done

References and Bibliography
Appendix A-Statistical Issues in Modeling Taxpayer Compliance
Appendix B-Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Designs in Taxpayer Compliance Research
Appendix C-Symposium on Taxpayer Compliance Research
Appendix D-Panel on Taxpayer Compliance Research
Appendix E-Committee on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice, 1987-1988

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