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Studies in Political Science and Sociology

Studies in Political Science and Sociology

Hu Shih, Newton Edwards, Mark A. May, and others

1941 | 194 pages | Cloth $79.95
Political Science / Sociology
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Table of Contents

Instrumentalism as a political concept, by Hu Shih.
The evolution of American educational ideals, by Newton Edwards.
Falling short of the democratic ideals in education, by M. A. May.
Program for the attainment of American educational ideals, by W. G. Carr.
Pennsylvania and Switzerland: the American origins of the Swiss constitution, by W. E. Rappard.
Minorities in the United States, by Louis Wirth.
Can minorities be tolerated in a democracy? By Carl Kelsey.
Consequences of mass immigration, by A. S. Johnson.
Repatriation of Greeks, Turks, and Bulgars after the Graeco-Turkish war, 1919-23, by P. E. Mosley.
Refugees in the Americas, by William Haber.

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