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William Penn and the Founding of Pennsylvania

An invaluable collection of primary source materials on the founding and constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, from the King's Charter for "Penn's Woods" onwards. A great research tool and scholarly reference for students and historians of the early American colonies.

William Penn and the Founding of Pennsylvania
A Documentary History

Edited by Jean R. Soderlund

1983 | 432 pages | Cloth $39.95 | Paper $32.50
American History
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Table of Contents

Illustrations and Maps
Editorial Method
A William Penn Chronology, 1680-1684

I. Negotiating the Charter for Pennsylvania, May 1680-March 1681
II. The Charter of Pennsylvania, 4 March 1681
III. Promoting the New Colony, March 1681-June 1681
IV. Selling Land to the First Purchasers, July 1681-December 1681
V. The Frame of Government of Pennsylvania
VI. Preparing to Leave for Pennsylvania, January 1682-September 1682
VII. First Months in America, October 1682-May 1683
VIII. The Pennsylvania General Assembly, 10 March 1683-4 April 1683
IX. Conflict with Lord Baltimore, June 1683-August 1683
X. Negotiating with the Indians, August 1683-December 1683
XI. Friction with the Colonists, January 1684-July 1684
XII. Return to England, August 1684

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