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Walter Lippmann's Philosophy of International Politics

A journalist and a political philosopher of international repute, Walter Lippman was the author of more than twenty books, scores of essays, and countless newspaper editorials, articles, and columns. This book attempts to discover and state Lippmann's philosophy of international politics as it developed over the years 1913 to 1963.

Walter Lippmann's Philosophy of International Politics

Anwar Hussain Syed

1964 | 358 pages | Cloth $79.95
Political Science
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Table of Contents

I.The Nature of Man and the International Society
—On Human Nature
—A World of Nation-States
II. The Foundations of International Politics
—The National Interest
—The Rivalry of Nations
— Power
III. The Organization of Peace
—A World State: The Ultimate Objective
—Collective Security
—The Scope of the Universal Society
IV. The Organization of Power
—The Balance of Power
V. Regionalism
—The Atlantic Community
VI. A European System: Europe and the Atlantic Community
VII. The Public Philosophy: A Theory of Government
VIII. Conclusion
—Lippmann's Theory of International Politics
—Lippmann's Theory of Government
—Theory and Policy
—Toward the Good Society
—Idealism Versus Realism
—The Principle of Aristocratic Government
—Lippmann and the Classics

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