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Pension Mathematics with Numerical Illustrations

From the Pension Research Council of the Wharton School

Pension Mathematics with Numerical Illustrations

Howard E. Winklevoss

1993 | Second Edition
344 pages | Cloth $95.00
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Table of Contents

List of Tables
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Foreword from the First Edition

Ch. 1. Pension Plan Benefits
Ch. 2. Actuarial Assumptions
Ch. 3. Basic Actuarial Functions
Ch. 4. Pension Plan Population Theory
Ch. 5. Pension Liability Measures
Ch. 6. Normal Costs
Ch. 7. Supplemental Costs
Ch. 8. Ancillary Benefits
Ch. 9. Multiple Retirement Ages
Ch. 10. Statutory Funding Requirements
Ch. 11. Pension Accounting
Ch. 12. Alternative Actuarial Assumptions
Ch. 13. Alternative Plan Benefits
Ch. 14. Funding Policy
Ch. 15. Investment Policy: Asset Allocation
Ch. 16. Funding and Accounting for Retiree Health Benefits

Glossary of Mathematical Notation

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