The Peoples of Philadelphia

A picture of Philadelphia radically different from the conventional portrait of a staid old city, corrupt and contented. The men and women of Philadelphia who emerge in these pages are anything but staid, and certainly not contented.

The Peoples of Philadelphia
A History of Ethnic Groups and Lower-Class Life, 1790-1940

Edited by Allen F. Davis and Mark H. Haller

1998 | 312 pages | Paper $26.50
American History
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Table of Contents

Preface to the 1998 Edition

1. Poverty, Fear, and Continuity: An Analysis of the Poor in Late Eighteenth-Century Philadelphia
2. Residential Mobility Within the Nineteenth-Century City
3. Urbanization as a Cause of Violence: Philadelphia as a Test Case
4. Fire Companies and Gangs in Southwark: The 1840s
5. Crime Patterns in Philadelphia, 1840-70
6. Free Blacks in Antebellum Philadelphia
7. The Philadelphia Irish: Persistent Presence
8. "A Peaceful City": Public Order in Philadelphia from Consolidation Through the Civil War
9. Housing the Poor in the City of Homes: Philadelphia at the Turn of the Century
10. The Immigrant and the City: Poles, Italians, and Jews in Philadelphia, 1870-1920
11. Philadelphia's Jewish Neighborhoods
12. Philadelphia's South Italians in the 1920s
13. Recurring Themes

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