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The Written Suburb

"A subversive and postmodern work about the town of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. The book considers Wyeth country—what kind of place it is and how it is constituted. . . . Dorst asks questions about how the place represents itself to itself and to tourists."—Lingua Franca

The Written Suburb
An American Site, An Ethnographic Dilemma

John D. Dorst

1989 | 232 pages | Cloth $49.95 | Paper $26.50
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Table of Contents

Introduction: Postmodernity as an Ethnographic Dilemma . . . Chadds Ford Souvenirs . . . Some History . . . Chadds Ford as a Site of Postmodernity: Veneers, Vignettes, & the Myth of Tradition . . . Chadds Ford Days: Living History & the Closed Space of Postmodern Consumption . . . An Allegory of Museums: A Comparative Reading of Two Gallery Displays . . . Conclusion: Self-estrangements

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