The United States of America, Volume 2

The two-volume syllabus of American studies was prepared to help both students and teachers obtain a broader and deeper understanding of North American literature, language, arts, history, and social sciences.

The United States of America, Volume 2
A Syllabus of American Studies—History and Social Sciences

Arthur P. Dudden

1963 | 160 pages | Cloth $79.95
American History / Social Science / General
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Table of Contents

PART A: Geography and History
1. The Land and Its Resources
2. The New American Nation
3. The Westward Movement
4. The Struggle for Southern Independence
5. The Dynamics of Social Change
6. The Rise to World Power
7. Review

PART B: Living Ideas and Institutions
1. The Federal System
2. Government and Politics
3. The Business Outlook
4. Religion and Churches
5. The Character of the American People
6. The Values of the American Nation
7. Review

PART C: Related Subjects
1. Science and Technology
2. The Industrial Society
3. Agriculture
4. International Relations
5. Education
6. Regionalism in American Life
7. Review

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