William Langland's

"A gifted poet has given us an astute, adroit, vigorous, inviting, eminently readable translation. . . . The challenging gamut of Langland's language . . . has here been rendered with blessed energy and precision. Economou has indeed Done-Best."—Allen Mandelbaum

William Langland's "Piers Plowman"
The C Version

Translated by George Economou

1996 | 296 pages | Cloth $47.50 | Paper $24.95
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Table of Contents

Selected Bibliography
Passus I
Passus II
Passus III
Passus IV
Passus V
Passus VI
Passus VII
Passus VIII
Passus IX
Passus X
Passus XI
Passus XII
Passus XIII
Passus XIV
Passus XV
Passus XVI
Passus XVII
Passus XVIII
Passus XIX
Passus XX
Passus XXI
Passus XXII
Explanatory Notes
Appendix: Table of Major Additions, Omissions, and Transpositions of Material in the C Version