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Quantity Planning and Price Planning in the Soviet Union

Quantity Planning and Price Planning in the Soviet Union

Hans Hirsch. Edited by William N. Loucks. Translated by Karl Scholz

1961 | 272 pages | Cloth $79.95
Statistics / History
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Table of Contents

Quantity Planning: Balances and Norms
—Statement of the Problem
—Obtaining Production Data
—Economic Goal Setting
—Norms as Element, Combining Balances: Their Determination
—Norms as Routine Stimulation of the Economy
—Participating of Central and Lower Agencies in Drawing Up of the Plan

The Place of Financial Planning in the Soviet Planning System
—The Economic Sense of Money Calculation
—The Introduction of Money Calculation for Control of Plan
—The Differing Attitude Toward Use of Financial Magnitudes as Lead Criteria

Relationship Between Material and Financial Guidance and Division of Economics Decision-Making Authority
—Distinguishing Characteristics of the Material Method of Guidance
—Relationship Between Determining Goal and Guiding Method
—Compatibility of the Material and the Financial Guiding Method
—The Position of the Enterprise in the Soviet Guidance System
—Distribution of Influence in Planning Investment

Principles of Price Planning
—Elements of Price and Bases for Their Determination
—Viewpoints of Price Regulation
—The Significance of Inflation for the Formation of the Soviet Price System

Final Evaluation of the Price System

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