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Complete Catalog: Business, Economics

Titles from the Penn Press catalog, grouped by subject.

Abodeely, Compulsory Arbitration and the NLRB: A Study of Congressional Intent and Administrative Policy (hc , eb 2015)

Abodeely, The NLRB and the Appropriate Bargaining Unit (hc , eb 2015)

Adams, Fighting for the Farm: Rural America Transformed (pb 2002, eb 2013)

Adams, Finance and Enterprise in Early America: A Study of Stephen Girard's Bank, 1812-1831 (eb 2016)

Amsterdam, Roaring Metropolis: Businessmen's Campaign for a Civic Welfare State (hc 2016, eb 2016)

Anderson, Negro Employment in Public Utilities: A Study of Racial Policies in the Electric Power, Gas, and Telephone Industries (eb 2016)

Backman, Economic Data Utilized in Wage Arbitration (eb 2017)

Balakrishnan, Shareholder Cities: Land Transformations Along Urban Corridors in India (hc 2019, eb 2019)

Balderston, Executive Guidance of Industrial Relations: An Analysis of the Experience of Twenty-Five Companies (eb 2017)

Balderston/Brecht, The Philadelphia Upholstery Weaving Industry: A Case Study of a Declining Industry in and Old Manufacturing Center (eb 2017)

Balderston, Group Incentives: Some Variations in the Use of Group Bonus and Gang Piece Work (eb 2016)

Baumer/Zimbalist, The Sabermetric Revolution: Assessing the Growth of Analytics in Baseball (pb 2015, eb 2014)

Beckert/Rockman, Slavery's Capitalism: A New History of American Economic Development (hc 2016, pb 2018, eb 2016)

Belasco/Horowitz, Food Chains: From Farmyard to Shopping Cart (pb 2010, eb 2011)

Bezanson, Help-Wanted Advertising as an Indicator of the Demand for Labor (eb 2017)

Bezanson/Gray, Prices in Colonial Pennsylvania (eb 2017)

Bezanson/Daley, Prices and Inflation During the American Revolution, Pennsylvania, 1770-1790 (eb 2016)

Bezanson/Gray, Trends in Foundry Production in the Philadelphia Area (eb 2017)

Bezanson/Hussey, Wage Methods and Selling Costs: Compensation of Sales Clerks in Four Major Departments in 31 Stores (eb 2017)

Bezanson/Gray, Wholesale Prices in Philadelphia, 1784-1861 (eb 2016)

Bezanson, Taxes on Knowledge in America: Exactions on the Press from Colonial Times to the Present (hc 1994, eb 2015)

Bezanson/Denison, Wholesale Prices in Philadelphia, 1852-1896: Series of Relative Monthly Prices (eb 2016)

Bezanson/Gray, Wholesale Prices in Philadelphia, 1784-1861: Part II: Series of Relative Monthly Prices (eb 2016)

Biel/Burke, Treatise on the Power and Utility of Moneys (eb 2016)

Birch/Wachter, Rebuilding Urban Places After Disaster: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina (pb 2006, eb 2013)

Black, Group Annuities (eb 2017)

Blackford, Making Seafood Sustainable: American Experiences in Global Perspective (hc 2012, eb 2011)

Blaszczyk, Producing Fashion: Commerce, Culture, and Consumers (pb 2009, eb 2011)

Bloom/Fletcher, Negro Employment in Retail Trade: A Study of Racial Policies in the Department Store, Drugstore, and Supermarket Industries (eb 2018)

Bloom/Fletcher, The Negro in the Supermarket Industry (eb 2016)

Blyn, Agricultural Trends in India, 1891-1947: Output, Availability, and Productivity (eb 2016)

Bodkin, Wage-Price-Productivity Nexus (eb 2016)

Bossard/Dewhurst, University Education for Business: A Study of Existing Needs and Practices (eb 2017)

Brown, How Real Estate Developers Think: Design, Profits, and Community (hc 2015, pb 2018, eb 2015)

Bursk, Seasonal Variations in Employment in Manufacturing Industries: A Statistical Study Based on Census Data (eb 2017)

Carlos/Lewis, Commerce by a Frozen Sea: Native Americans and the European Fur Trade (hc 2010, eb 2011)

Chambers, Madison Avenue and the Color Line: African Americans in the Advertising Industry (pb 2009, eb 2011)

Chernish/Northrup, Coalition Bargaining: A Study of Union Tactics and Public Policy (eb 2017)

Choukroun/Snow, Planning for Human Systems: Essays in Honor of Russell L. Ackoff (hc 1992, eb 2015)

Churella, The Pennsylvania Railroad, Volume 1: Building an Empire, 1846-1917 (hc 2012, eb 2012)

Clague/Powell, Ten Thousand Out of Work (eb 2016)

Clark/Hammond, To Retire or Not?: Retirement Policy and Practice in Higher Education (hc 2000, eb 2017)

Clark/Craig, A History of Public Sector Pensions in the United States (hc 2003)

Clifford, The Independence of the Federal Reserve System (eb 2016)

Cochran/Reina, Capitalism in Argentine Culture: Torcuato di Tella and S.I.A.M. (eb 2017)

Cochran, The Puerto Rican Businessman: A Study in Cultural Change (eb 2016)

Cockcroft, Global Corruption: Money, Power, and Ethics in the Modern World (pb 2014)

Coglianese/Finkel, Does Regulation Kill Jobs? (pb 2015, eb 2014)

Compa/Diamond, Human Rights, Labor Rights, and International Trade (pb 2003)

Coons, The Foreign Public Debt of China (eb 2017)

Cord, Henry George: Dreamer or Realist? (eb 2015)

Cox, Trends in the Distribution of Stock Ownership (eb 2017)

Cunningham, The Present Railroad Crisis (eb 2017)

Daniels/Kettl, On Risk and Disaster: Lessons from Hurricane Katrina (pb 2006, eb 2011)

Davis, The Industrial Study of Economic Progress (eb 2016)

Davis, Productivity Accounting (eb 2016)

de Schweinitz, How Workers Find Jobs: A Study of Four Thousand Hosiery Workers in Philadelphia (eb 2016)

Dereshinsky, The NLRB and Secondary Boycotts (eb 2018)

Dulles, Depression and Reconstruction: A Study of Causes and Controls (eb 2016)

Dulles, The Dollar, the Franc, and Inflation (eb 2015)

Dyble, Paying the Toll: Local Power, Regional Politics, and the Golden Gate Bridge (pb 2013, eb 2011)

Elinoff/Vaughan, Disastrous Times: Beyond Environmental Crisis in Urbanizing Asia (hc 2020, eb 2020)

Farrell-Beck/Gau, Uplift: The Bra in America (pb 2002)

Fisher/Bezanson, Wage Rates and Working Time in the Bituminous Coal Industry, 1912-1922: With a Summary of Rates for Separate Occupations in Each Coal District in the United States (eb 2015)

Fisk, Leisure Spending-Behavior (eb 2016)

Fletcher, Market Restraints in the Retail Drug Industry (eb 2016)

Foster, Manpower in Homebuilding: A Preliminary Analysis (eb 2015)

Frank, Women in the Organization (eb 2016)

Freidin, The Taft-Hartley Act and Multi-employer Bargaining (eb 2017)

Friedman/Posner, What Caused the Financial Crisis (pb 2011, eb 2011)

Friedman/Kraus, Engineering the Financial Crisis: Systemic Risk and the Failure of Regulation (hc 2011, eb 2011)

Friend/Jones, Proceedings of the Conference on Consumption and Saving, Volumes 1 and 2 (hc 1960, eb 2017)

Garrett/Tripp, Management Problems Implicit in Multi-Employer Bargaining (eb 2016)

Geisst, Beggar Thy Neighbor: A History of Usury and Debt (pb 2018, eb 2013)

Githens/Wood, The Food Resources of Africa (pb 1943)

Gordon/Mitchell, Positioning Pensions for the Twenty-First Century (hc 1997)

Gregg/McGill, World Insurance Trends (eb 2016)

Grigsby, Housing Markets and Public Policy (eb 2015)

Grodinsky, Transcontinental Railway Strategy, 1869-1893: A Study of Businessmen (eb 2016)

Gulick/Biddle, Wharton Assembly Addresses, 1936 (eb 2017)

Hall/Hall, An Approach to Definite Forecasting (eb 2017)

Handsaker/Handsaker, The Submission Agreement in Contract Arbitration (eb 2017)

Hawley/Williams, The Rise of Fiduciary Capitalism: How Institutional Investors Can Make Corporate America More Democratic (hc 2000)

Hawley/Kamath, Corporate Governance Failures: The Role of Institutional Investors in the Global Financial Crisis (hc 2011, eb 2011)

Herring, The Problem of Weak Railroads: Their Relation to an Adequate Transportation System (eb 2017)

Hersey, Workers' Emotions in Shop and Home: A Study of Individual Workers from the Psychological and Physiological Stand-point (eb 2015)

Hillmon, Getting a PhD in Economics (pb 2014, eb 2014)

Hirsch/Loucks, Quantity Planning and Price Planning in the Soviet Union (eb 2016)

Hoffman, Future Trading upon Organized Commodity Markets in the United States (eb 2016)

Hood, The Weaver's Craft: Cloth, Commerce, and Industry in Early Pennsylvania (hc 2003, eb 2011)

Howard, Brides, Inc.: American Weddings and the Business of Tradition (pb 2008)

Howard, From Main Street to Mall: The Rise and Fall of the American Department Store (hc 2015, pb 2019, eb 2015)

Huettig, Economic Control of the Motion Picture Industry: A Study in Industrial Organization (eb 2017)

Hurff, Social Aspects of Enterprise in the Large Corporation (eb 2016)

Irwin, Pacific Railways and Nationalism in the Canadian-American Northwest, 1845-1873 (eb 2018)

Jackson, Virtuosity in Business: Invisible Law Guiding the Invisible Hand (hc 2011, eb 2011)

John/Phillips-Fein, Capital Gains: Business and Politics in Twentieth-Century America (hc 2016, pb 2019, eb 2016)

Jones, Tariff Retaliation: Repercussions of the Hawley-Smoot Bill (eb 2016)

Jordan, Women and Credit in Pre-Industrial and Developing Societies (eb 2016)

Kamarck, Economics and the Real World (eb 2016)

Kanigel, Faux Real: Genuine Leather and 200 Years of Inspired Fakes (pb 2010, eb 2011)

Kaser, Book Pirating in Taiwan (eb 2017)

Kennedy, The Significance of Wage Uniformity (eb 2017)

Kennedy, Effective Labor Arbitration: The Impartial Chairmanship of the Full-Fashioned Hosiery Industry (eb 2017)

Kerr/Randall, Collective Bargaining in the Pacific Coast Pulp and Paper Industry (eb 2015)

Kessler, Industry-Wide Collective Bargaining: An Annotated Bibliography (eb 2016)

Kingfisher, Western Welfare in Decline: Globalization and Women's Poverty (pb 2002, eb 2013)

Kirk, The Carpet Industry: Present Status and Future Prospects (eb 2016)

Klein/Burmeister, Econometric Model Performance: Comparative Simulation Studies of the U.S. Economy (eb 2016)

Knight, Secular and Cyclical Movement in the Production and Price of Copper (eb 2017)

Kobrin/Teller, Purchasing Power: The Economics of Modern Jewish History (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Koh, Stages of Industrial Development in Asia: A Comparative History of the Cotton Industry in Japan, India, China, and Korea (eb 2016)

Kravis, Domestic Interests and International Obligations: Safeguards in International Trade Organizations (eb 2017)

Kuhn, Arbitration in Transit: An Evaluation of Wage Criteria (eb 2017)

Kultgen, Ethics and Professionalism (pb 1988, eb 2010)

Kunreuther/Meyer, The Future of Risk Management (hc 2019, pb Sep 2021, eb 2019)

Kuttner, The Economic Illusion: False Choices Between Prosperity and Social Justice (pb 1987)

Kuttner, The End of Laissez-Faire: National Purpose and the Global Economy After the Cold War (pb 1992)

Lanctot, Negro League Baseball: The Rise and Ruin of a Black Institution (pb 2008, eb 2011)

Langfitt/Hackney, Partners in the Research Enterprise: University-Corporate Relations in Science and Technology (eb 2016)

Lapin, Structuring the Journey to Work (eb 2016)

Lau, New Age Capitalism: Making Money East of Eden (pb 2000, eb 2015)

Lauer/Lipartito, Surveillance Capitalism in America (hc Oct 2021, eb Oct 2021)

Leeds/Balderston, Wages: A Means of Testing Their Adequacy (eb 2017)

Leese, Collective Bargaining Among Photo-Engravers in Philadelphia: Ordinary Methods Applied to an Occupation Which Is Both an Art and a Manual Trade (eb 2017)

Licht, Getting Work: Philadelphia, 1840-1950 (pb 2000)

Lichtenstein, American Capitalism: Social Thought and Political Economy in the Twentieth Century (pb 2007, eb 2011)

Lightwood, A Selected Bibliography of Significant Works About Adam Smith (eb 2016)

Lipartito/Jacobson, Capitalism's Hidden Worlds (hc 2020, eb 2019)

Lofchie, The Political Economy of Tanzania: Decline and Recovery (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Luskey/Woloson, Capitalism by Gaslight: Illuminating the Economy of Nineteenth-Century America (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Maccoby, Sweden at the Edge: Lessons for American and Swedish Managers (eb 2016)

Mack, The Cigar Manufacturing Industry: Factors of Instability Affecting Production and Employment (eb 2016)

MacNeal, Truth in Accounting (eb 2016)

Madden/Stull, Work, Wages, and Poverty: Income Distribution in Post-Industrial Philadelphia (eb 2018)

Madsen, Sovereign Soldiers: How the U.S. Military Transformed the Global Economy After World War II (hc 2018, eb 2018)

Malloy, Planning for Serfdom: Legal Economic Discourse and Downtown Development (eb 2016)

Massy/Frank, Purchasing Behavior and Personal Attributes (eb 2018)

Matt, Keeping Up with the Joneses: Envy in American Consumer Society, 1890-1930 (hc 2002, eb 2013)

McCahan, Accident and Sickness Insurance (eb 2017)

McCahan, The Beneficiary in Life Insurance (eb 2016)

McCahan, Investment of Life Insurance Funds (eb 2017)

McCahan, Life Insurance Trends at Midcentury (eb 2016)

McCahan, Life Insurance: Trends and Problems (eb 2017)

McCahan, State Insurance in the United States (eb 2017)

McDowell/Huhn, NLRB Remedies for Unfair Labor Practices (eb 2017)

McFarland/Bishop, Union Authorization Cards and the NLRB: A Study of Congressional Intent, Administrative Policy, and Judicial Review (eb 2017)

McGill, An Analysis of Government Life Insurance (eb 2017)

McMahon, Public Capitalism: The Political Authority of Corporate Executives (hc 2012, eb 2012)

McNulty, Some Economic Aspects of Business Organization (eb 2017)

Mead/Ostrolenk, Harvey Baum: A Study of the Agricultural Revolution (eb 2017)

Mead/Ostrolenk, Voluntary Allotment: Planned Production in American Agriculture (eb 2017)

Melzer/Kautz, Are Markets Moral? (hc 2018, eb 2018)

Mitchell, Studies in Economics and Industrial Relations (eb 2017)

Mitchell/Myers, Prospects for Social Security Reform (hc 1999)

Mitchell/Hustead, Pensions in the Public Sector (hc 2000)

Morris, The Plight of the Bituminous Coal Miner (eb 2016)

Morris/Thackray, The American Synthetic Rubber Research Program (eb 2017)

Morser, Hinterland Dreams: The Political Economy of a Midwestern City (hc 2010, eb 2011)

Moskow, Teachers and Unions: The Applicability of Collective Bargaining to Public Education (eb 2016)

Motten/Salera, Latin America: Development Programming and United States Investments (eb 2016)

Neisser, Some International Aspects of the Business Cycle (eb 2016)

Neumann, Remaking the Rust Belt: The Postindustrial Transformation of North America (hc 2016, pb 2019, eb 2016)

Noon, Labor Problems of Africa (eb 2017)

Northrup, The Negro in the Tobacco Industry (eb 2018)

Northrup, Prescription Drug Pricing in Independent and Chain Drugstores: An Examination of the Data (eb 2018)

Northrup/Storholm, Restrictive Labor Practices in the Supermarket Industry (eb 2016)

Northrup/Rowan, Negro Employment in Basic Industry: A Study of Racial Policies in Six Industries (eb 2018)

Northrup/Risher, Negro Employment in Land and Air Transport: A Study of Racial Policies in the Railroad, Airline, Trucking, and Urban Transit Industries (eb 2018)

Northrup/DiAntonio, Black and Other Minority Participation in the All-Volunteer Navy and Marine Corps (eb 2018)

Northrup/Foster, Open Shop Construction (eb 2016)

Obrinsky, Profit Theory and Capitalism (pb 1983, eb 2015)

Palmer, Philadelphia Workers in a Changing Economy (eb 2016)

Palmer/Parnes, The Reluctant Job Changer: Studies in Work Attachments and Aspirations (eb 2016)

Palmer, Union Tactics and Economic Change: A Case Study of Three Philadelphia Textile Unions (eb 2016)

Parks, The Economics of Carpeting and Resilient Flooring: An Evaluation and Comparison (eb 2016)

Patterson, The Future of Democratic Capitalism (eb 2017)

Pearson, Reform or Repression: Organizing America's Anti-Union Movement (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Perry/Rowan, The Impact of Government Manpower Programs: In General and on Minorities and Women (eb 2017)

Perry, The Negro in the Department Store Industry (eb 2018)

Phelps, The International Economic Position of Argentina (eb 2016)

Phillips/Williamson, Prices: Issues in Theory, Practice, and Public Policy (eb 2016)

Plice, Manpower and Merger: The Impact of Merger upon Personnel Policies in the Carpet and Furniture Industries (eb 2015)

Postel, The Mineral Resources of Africa (pb 1943)

Ratzlaff, The Theory of Free Competition (eb 2016)

Rees, Reforming the Workplace: A Study of Self-Regulation in Occupational Safety (eb 2016)

Richards, Islam and the Trade of Asia: A Colloquium (eb 2016)

Rilling, Making Houses, Crafting Capitalism: Builders in Philadelphia, 1790-1850 (hc 2001)

Rose, Market Rules: Bankers, Presidents, and the Origins of the Great Recession (hc 2018, eb 2018)

Rosenberg, Economic Planning in the British Building Industry, 1945-1949 (eb 2016)

Roth/Scholz, Taxpayer Compliance, Volume 1: An Agenda for Research (eb 2016)

Roth/Scholz, Taxpayer Compliance, Volume 2: Social Science Perspectives (eb 2016)

Rottenberg, The Man Who Made Wall Street: Anthony J. Drexel and the Rise of Modern Finance (pb 2006)

Rowan, Collective Bargaining: Survival in the '70s? (eb 2016)

Rowan/Northrup, Educating the Employed Disadvantaged for Upgrading: A Report on Remedial Education Programs in the Paper Industry (eb 2017)

Rowan/Rubin, Opening the Skilled Construction Trades to Blacks: A Study of the Washington and Indianapolis Plans for Minority Employment (eb 2017)

Rowntree/Dykstra, Wharton Assembly Addresses, 1938 (eb 2018)

Rubin/Swift, Negro Employment in the Maritime Industries: A Study of Racial Policies in the Shipbuilding, Longshore, and Offshore Maritime Industry (eb 2018)

Salter, World Trade and Its Future (eb 2016)

Samuel, Freud on Madison Avenue: Motivation Research and Subliminal Advertising in America (pb 2013, eb 2011)

Sanders, Convention Center Follies: Politics, Power, and Public Investment in American Cities (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Sass/Carroll, The Pragmatic Imagination: A History of the Wharton School, 1881-1981 (eb 2016)

Schultz, Life Insurance Housing Projects (eb 2017)

Scranton/Davidson, The Business of Tourism: Place, Faith, and History (pb 2009)

Seybold, The Philadelphia Printing Industry: A Case Study (eb 2017)

Shaffer/Ziyadov, Beyond the Resource Curse (hc 2012, eb 2011)

Shils/Gershenfeld, Industrial Peacemaker: George W. Taylor's Contributions to Collective Bargaining (eb 2016)

Shropshire, The Sports Franchise Game: Cities in Pursuit of Sports Franchises, Events, Stadiums, and Arenas (hc 1995, eb 2013)

Shropshire/Davis, The Business of Sports Agents, 3/e (hc 2016, eb 2016)

Simkin, Acceptability as a Factor in Arbitration Under an Existing Agreement (eb 2016)

Simpson, The Medical Metropolis: Health Care and Economic Transformation in Pittsburgh and Houston (hc 2019, eb 2019)

Skilton, Industrial Discipline and the Arbitration Process (eb 2016)

Skwiot, The Purposes of Paradise: U.S. Tourism and Empire in Cuba and Hawai'i (pb 2012, eb 2011)

Smith, Hosts and Guests: The Anthropology of Tourism, 2/e (pb 1989, eb 2012)

Smith/Eadington, Tourism Alternatives: Potentials and Problems in the Development of Tourism (eb 2016)

Southgate/Roberts, Globalized Fruit, Local Entrepreneurs: How One Banana-Exporting Country Achieved Worldwide Reach (hc 2016, eb 2016)

Spitko, Antigay Bias in Role-Model Occupations (hc 2016, eb 2016)

Stabler, My Father's Business: A Practical Study of Business Ethics (eb 2016)

Stull/Madden, Post-Industrial Philadelphia: Structural Changes in the Metropolitan Economy (eb 2016)

Suisman/Strasser, Sound in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (pb 2012, eb 2011)

Summers/Luce, Economic Development Within the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area (eb 2016)

Summers/Luce, Economic Report on the Philadelphia Metropolitan Area, 1985 (eb 2017)

Tasca, The Reciprocal Trade Policy of the United States: A Study in Trade Philosophy (eb 2016)

Taylor, The Full-Fashioned Hosiery Worker: His Changing Economic Status (eb 2017)

Taylor, Significant Post-War Changes in the Full-Fashioned Hosiery Industry (eb 2017)

Taylor, Guides for Labor Arbitration (eb 2017)

Taylor, Proceedings of the Conference on Industry-Wide Collective Bargaining: May 14, 1948 (eb 2016)

ten Brink/Welch, China's Capitalism: A Paradoxical Route to Economic Prosperity (hc 2019, eb 2019)

Thieblot/Cowin, Welfare and Strikes: The Use of Public Funds to Support Strikers (eb 2015)

Thieblot/Fletcher, Negro Employment in Finance: A Study of Racial Policies in Banking and Insurance (eb 2016)

Timmer, Food Security and Scarcity: Why Ending Hunger Is So Hard (hc 2014, pb 2019, eb 2015)

Tripp, Wage-Reopening Arbitration (eb 2017)

Twyman, History of Marshall Field and Co., 1852-1906 (eb 2018)

Unger, Beer in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance (pb 2007, eb 2013)

Urban, Corporations and Citizenship (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Vague, The Next Economic Disaster: Why It's Coming and How to Avoid It (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Vague, A Brief History of Doom: Two Hundred Years of Financial Crises (hc 2019, eb 2019)

Vague, An Illustrated Business History of the United States (hc May 2021)

Vettel, Biotech: The Countercultural Origins of an Industry (pb 2008, eb 2013)

Vicarelli, Keynes: The Instability of Capitalism (eb 2015)

Vickers, Financial Markets in the Capitalist Process (eb 2016)

Vinel, The Employee: A Political History (hc 2013, pb 2020, eb 2013)

Vitiello/Thomas, The Philadelphia Stock Exchange and the City It Made (hc 2010)

Wachter/Wachter, Toward a New U.S. Industrial Policy? (eb 2017)

Wachter/Wachter, Removing Obstacles to Economic Growth (eb 2016)

Wachter/Smith, The American Mortgage System: Crisis and Reform (pb 2014, eb 2011)

Warntz, Toward a Geography of Price: A Study in Geo-econometrics (eb 2016)

Wei/Chao, China's Economic Reforms (hc 1983)

Weintraub/Davidson, Keynes, Keynesians, and Monetarists, 2/e (eb 2016)

Weintraub, Modern Economic Thought (eb 2016)

Weintraub/Goodstein, Reaganomics in the Stagflation Economy (eb 2017)

Whyte/Nocera, The Organization Man (pb 2002, eb 2013)

Wik, Steam Power on the American Farm (eb 2016)

Wike, The Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association (eb 2016)

Willett, The Economic Theory of Risk and Insurance (eb 2016)

Williams, Debt for Sale: A Social History of the Credit Trap (pb 2005, eb 2011)

Williams/Brumbaugh, An Analysis of Production of Worsted Sales Yarn (eb 2016)

Williams/Janus, NLRB Regulation of Election Conduct: A Study of the National Labor Relations Board's Policies and Standards for Setting Aside Representation Elections Based on Postelection Objections (eb 2016)

Wilson, Destructive Creation: American Business and the Winning of World War II (hc 2016, pb 2018, eb 2016)

Winklevoss, Pension Mathematics with Numerical Illustrations, 2/e (hc 1993)

Witte, Historical Survey of Labor Arbitration (eb 2017)

Wright, Corporation Nation (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Zeleza/McConnaughay, Human Rights, the Rule of Law, and Development in Africa (hc 2004, eb 2011)

Zhang, Intellectual Property Rights in China (hc 2019, eb 2018)

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