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The Penn Press list for spring 2021 includes hardcover releases, first-time paperbacks, and ebook editions intended for scholars, students, and serious general readers worldwide. Click here to explore our forthcoming books, grouped by subject area.

Complete Catalog: Literature, Cultural Studies

Titles from the Penn Press catalog, grouped by subject.

Abrahams, Everyday Life: A Poetics of Vernacular Practices (eb 2011)

Albrecht, Four Latin Plays of St. Nicholas: From the Twelfth-Century Fleury Play-book (hc 1935, eb 2016)

Alden, The Rise of Formal Satire in England Under Classical Influence (hc 1899, eb 2017)

Alff, The Wreckage of Intentions: Projects in British Culture, 1660-1730 (hc 2017, eb 2017)

Allen, The Art of Love: Amatory Fiction from Ovid to the Romance of the Rose (hc 1992, eb 2015)

Allen, Uncertain Refuge: Sanctuary in the Literature of Medieval England (hc Oct 2021, eb Oct 2021)

Almog, Secularism and Hermeneutics (hc 2019, eb 2019)

Alspach, Irish Poetry from the English Invasion to 1798, 2/e (hc 1959, eb 2016)

Alter, A Sociosemiotic Theory of Theatre (hc 1990, eb 2015)

Altick, Deadly Encounters: Two Victorian Sensations, New Edition (pb 2000, eb 2012)

Altschul, Politics of Temporalization: Medievalism and Orientalism in Nineteenth-Century South America (hc 2020, eb 2020)

Altschuler, The Medical Imagination: Literature and Health in the Early United States (hc 2018, pb Mar 2022, eb 2018)

Andersen/Sauer, Books and Readers in Early Modern England: Material Studies (pb 2001, eb 2012)

Anderson, The Swedish Acceptance of American Literature (hc 1957, eb 2016)

Anderson, Before the "Knight's Tale": Imitation of Classical Epic in Boccaccio's "Teseida" (hc 1988, eb 2018)

Arac/Ritvo, Macropolitics of Nineteenth-Century Literature: Nationalism, Exoticism, Imperialism (hc 1991, eb 2016)

Armstrong/Tennenhouse, Novels in the Time of Democratic Writing: The American Example (hc 2018, eb 2017)

Aschkenasy, Eve's Journey: Feminine Images in Hebraic Literary Tradition (hc 1987, eb 2015)

Auerbach, Ellen Terry, Player in Her Time (pb 1997)

Auerbach, Daphne du Maurier, Haunted Heiress (pb 2002)

Avery, Inquiry and Testament: A Study of the Novels and Short Prose of Robert Walser (hc 1968, eb 2018)

Bacchilega, Postmodern Fairy Tales: Gender and Narrative Strategies (pb 1999, eb 2010)

Bacchilega, Legendary Hawai'i and the Politics of Place: Tradition, Translation, and Tourism (pb 2013, eb 2011)

Bacon-Smith, Enterprising Women: Television Fandom and the Creation of Popular Myth (pb 1991)

Bacon-Smith, Science Fiction Culture (pb 1999)

Bailey, Of Bondage: Debt, Property, and Personhood in Early Modern England (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Bainton, History and the Written Word: Documents, Literacy, and Language in the Age of the Angevins (hc 2020, eb 2019)

Barcus, The Literary Correspondence of Bernard Barton (hc 1966, eb 2017)

Barnett, Divorce and the American Divorce Novel, 1858-1937: A Study of Literary Reflections of Social Influences (hc 1939, eb 2017)

Barone, Beyond the Red Notebook: Essays on Paul Auster (pb 1995, eb 2011)

Bartels, Spectacles of Strangeness: Imperialism, Alienation, and Marlowe (hc 1993, eb 2015)

Bartels, Speaking of the Moor: From "Alcazar" to "Othello" (pb 2009, eb 2010)

Bates, Euripides: A Student of Human Nature (hc 1930, eb 2017)

Bates, Sophocles: Poet and Dramatist (hc 1940, eb 2015)

Battersby, Paradigms Regained: Pluralism and the Practice of Criticism (hc 1991)

Battersby, Reason and the Nature of Texts (hc 1996, eb 2016)

Bauerlein, Literary Criticism: An Autopsy (pb 1997, eb 2013)

Beavers, Wrestling Angels into Song: The Fictions of Ernest J. Gaines and James Alan McPherson (hc 1995, eb 2015)

Bellamy, The Language of Fruit: Literature and Horticulture in the Long Eighteenth Century (hc 2019, eb 2019)

Bellin, The Demon of the Continent: Indians and the Shaping of American Literature (pb 2000, eb 2012)

Bellin, Medicine Bundle: Indian Sacred Performance and American Literature, 1824-1932 (hc 2007, eb 2015)

Bellis, No Mysteries Out of Ourselves: Identity and Textual Form in the Novels of Herman Melville (hc 1990, eb 2018)

Bender, The Descent of Love: Darwin and the Theory of Sexual Selection in American Fiction, 1871-1926 (hc 1996, eb 2015)

Bender/Angell, Sea-Brothers: The Tradition of American Sea Fiction from Moby-Dick to the Present (pb 1990, eb 2015)

Bentley, Frantic Panoramas: American Literature and Mass Culture, 1870-1920 (hc 2009, eb 2012)

Bestul, Texts of the Passion: Latin Devotional Literature and Medieval Society (hc 1996, eb 2015)

Biddick, The Typological Imaginary: Circumcision, Technology, History (hc 2003, eb 2013)

Biow, On the Importance of Being an Individual in Renaissance Italy: Men, Their Professions, and Their Beards (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Bittner, The Novels of Waldo Frank (hc 1958, eb 2016)

Blackwell/Goldberg, Some Spanish-American Poets (hc 1937, eb 2016)

Blix, From Paris to Pompeii: French Romanticism and the Cultural Politics of Archaeology (hc 2009, eb 2013)

Bloom, The Literary Bent: In Search of High Art in Contemporary American Writing (pb 1997)

Blum, Turns of Event: Nineteenth-Century American Literary Studies in Motion (pb 2016, eb 2016)

Blurton, Inventing William of Norwich: Thomas of Monmouth and Literary Culture, 1150 - 1200 (hc May 2022, eb May 2022)

Boehrer, The Fury of Men's Gullets: Ben Jonson and the Digestive Canal (hc 1997, eb 2015)

Boehrer, Monarchy and Incest in Renaissance England: Literature, Culture, Kinship, and Kingship (hc 1992, eb 2015)

Boehrer, Parrot Culture: Our 2500-Year-Long Fascination with the World's Most Talkative Bird (pb 2010, eb 2015)

Boehrer, Animal Characters: Nonhuman Beings in Early Modern Literature (hc 2010, eb 2011)

Boker/Bradley, Sonnets: A Sequence on Profane Love (hc 1929, eb 2016)

Boker/Bradley, Nydia: A Tragic Play (hc 1929, eb 2016)

Bond, The Loving Subject: Desire, Eloquence, and Power in Romanesque France (hc 1995, eb 2016)

Bonnette, Pulse of the People: Political Rap Music and Black Politics (hc 2015, pb 2018, eb 2015)

Borinsky, Theoretical Fables: The Pedagogical Dream in Contemporary Latin American Literature (hc 1993, eb 2015)

Bottigheimer, Fairy Tales and Society: Illusion, Allusion, and Paradigm (pb 1989, eb 2014)

Bottigheimer, Fairy Godfather: Straparola, Venice, and the Fairy Tale Tradition (hc 2002, eb 2013)

Boulton, The Song in the Story: Lyric Insertions in French Narrative Fiction, 1200-1400 (hc 1993, eb 2016)

Bousé, Wildlife Films (pb 2000, eb 2011)

Bouza/Lopez, Communication, Knowledge, and Memory in Early Modern Spain (hc 2004)

Bowers, They Watch Me as They Watch This: Gertrude Stein's Metadrama (hc 1991, eb 2016)

Bradley, The Arts in Renewal (hc 1951, eb 2017)

Bradley/Stevenson, Walt Whitman's Backward Glances: "A Backward Glance o'er Travel'd Roads," and Two Contributory Essays Hitherto Uncollected (hc 1947, eb 2018)

Branch, A Bibliography of James T. Farrell's Writings, 1921-1957 (hc 1959, eb 2015)

Brayman Hackel/Kelly, Reading Women: Literacy, Authorship, and Culture in the Atlantic World, 1500-1800 (pb 2009, eb 2011)

Brenni, American English: A Bibliography (hc 1964, eb 2018)

Brewer, The Afterlife of Character, 1726-1825 (hc 2005, eb 2011)

Brier, A Novel Marketplace: Mass Culture, the Book Trade, and Postwar American Fiction (hc 2010, eb 2012)

Brody, The English Mummers and Their Plays: Traces of Ancient Mystery (hc 1971, eb 2016)

Brooks, The Malady of the Ideal: Obermann, Maurice de Guérin, and Amiel (hc 1947, eb 2015)

Brown, Institutions of the English Novel: From Defoe to Scott (pb 1998, eb 2015)

Brown, The Persistence of Allegory: Drama and Neoclassicism from Shakespeare to Wagner (hc 2006, eb 2013)

Brown, The Pilgrim and the Bee: Reading Rituals and Book Culture in Early New England (hc 2007, eb 2015)

Brown, The Queen's Library: Image-Making at the Court of Anne of Brittany, 1477-1514 (hc 2010, eb 2011)

Brown, Goethe's Allegories of Identity (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Browner, Profound Science and Elegant Literature: Imagining Doctors in Nineteenth-Century America (hc 2004, eb 2013)

Brownlee/Huot, Rethinking the "Romance of the Rose": Text, Image, Reception (pb 1992, eb 2016)

Brownlee, The Cultural Labyrinth of María de Zayas (hc 2000, eb 2017)

Bruckner, Shaping Romance: Interpretation, Truth, and Closure in Twelfth-Century French Fictions (hc 1993, eb 2015)

Bruhm, Gothic Bodies: The Politics of Pain in Romantic Fiction (hc 1994, eb 2011)

Bude, Sonic Bodies: Text, Music, and Silence in Late Medieval England (hc Mar 2022, eb Mar 2022)

Bühler/McManaway, Standards of Bibliographical Description (hc 1949, eb 2018)

Burbick, Thoreau's Alternative History: Changing Perspectives on Nature, Culture, and Language (hc 1987, eb 2018)

Burger, Conduct Becoming: Good Wives and Husbands in the Later Middle Ages (hc 2017, eb 2017)

Burkhart, Holy Wednesday: A Nahua Drama from Early Colonial Mexico (pb 1996, eb 2010)

Burns, Bodytalk: When Women Speak in Old French Literature (pb 1993)

Burns, Courtly Love Undressed: Reading Through Clothes in Medieval French Culture (pb 2005, eb 2014)

Burroughs, Closet Stages: Joanna Baillie and the Theater Theory of British Romantic Women Writers (hc 1997, eb 2015)

Burrus, Saving Shame: Martyrs, Saints, and Other Abject Subjects (pb 2019, eb 2013)

Burrus, Ancient Christian Ecopoetics: Cosmologies, Saints, Things (hc 2018, eb 2018)

Bushee, Three Centuries of Tirso de Molina (hc 1939, eb 2017)

Bushnell, The Marvels of the World: An Anthology of Nature Writing Before 1700 (hc 2021, pb 2021, eb 2021)

Butterworth, The English Primers (1529-1545): Their Publication and Connection with the English Bible and the Reformation in England (hc 1953, eb 2017)

Butterworth, The Literary Lineage of the King James Bible, 1340-1611 (hc 1941, eb 2018)

Buttitta/Witham, Uncle Sam Presents: A Memoir of the Federal Theatre, 1935-1939 (hc 1982, eb 2018)

Büttner/Dolan, Samuel Beckett's Novel "Watt": A Psychological Inquiry (hc 1984, eb 2016)

Cable, The English Alliterative Tradition (hc 1991, eb 2016)

Cafarelli, Prose in the Age of Poets: Romanticism and Biographical Narrative from Johnson to De Quincey (hc 1990, eb 2015)

Cahill, Liberty of the Imagination: Aesthetic Theory, Literary Form, and Politics in the Early United States (hc 2012, eb 2012)

Calhoun, The Nature of the Page: Poetry, Papermaking, and the Ecology of Texts in Renaissance England (hc 2020, eb 2019)

Camfield, Sentimental Twain: Samuel Clemens in the Maze of Moral Philosophy (hc 1994, eb 2016)

Campbell, Letters to Louise: Theodore Dreiser's Letters to Louise Campbell (hc 1959, eb 2016)

Campbell, Historical Style: Fashion and the New Mode of History, 1740-1830 (hc 2016, eb 2016)

Canfield/Lippincott, The Publishing Experience (hc 1969, eb 2016)

Canfield, Word as Bond in English Literature from the Middle Ages to the Restoration (hc 1989, eb 2016)

Carlson, Romantic Marks and Measures: Wordsworth's Poetry in Fields of Print (hc 2017, eb 2016)

Carroll, An Empire of Air and Water: Uncolonizable Space in the British Imagination, 1750-1850 (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Cartelli, Marlowe, Shakespeare, and the Economy of Theatrical Experience (hc 1991, eb 2015)

Cassell/Hollander, Lectura Dantis Americana: Inferno I (hc 1989, eb 2015)

Cassell/Kirkham, Diana's Hunt (Caccia di Diana): Boccaccio's First Fiction (hc 1991, eb 2015)

Castiglia/Gillman, Neither the Time nor the Place: The New Nineteenth-Century American Studies (hc Mar 2022, pb Mar 2022, eb Mar 2022)

Cazelles, The Lady as Saint: A Collection of French Hagiographic Romances of the Thirteenth Century (pb 1991, eb 2015)

Cervantes/Fuchs, "The Bagnios of Algiers" and "The Great Sultana": Two Plays of Captivity (pb 2012, eb 2012)

Cervone, Poetics of the Incarnation: Middle English Writing and the Leap of Love (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Chakravarty, Fictions of Consent: Slavery, Servitude, and Free Service in Early Modern England (hc Mar 2022, eb Mar 2022)

Champigny, A Pagan Hero: An Interpretation of Mersault in Camus' "The Stranger" (hc 1970, eb 2015)

Charmé, Meaning and Myth in the Study of Lives: A Sartrean Perspective (hc 1984, eb 2015)

Chartier, Forms and Meanings: Texts, Performances, and Audiences from Codex to Computer (pb 1995, eb 2010)

Chartier/Goldhammer, Inscription and Erasure: Literature and Written Culture from the Eleventh to the Eighteenth Century (pb 2008)

Chartier/Pollack, Won in Translation: Textual Mobility in Early Modern Europe, 1/e (hc Apr 2022, eb Apr 2022)

Charvat, Literary Publishing in America, 1790-1850 (hc 1959, eb 2016)

Charvat, The Origins of American Critical Thought, 1810-1835 (hc 1936, eb 2016)

Cheek, Heroines and Local Girls: The Transnational Emergence of Women's Writing in the Long Eighteenth Century (hc 2019, eb 2019)

Chénetier/Houlding, Beyond Suspicion: New American Fiction Since 1960 (hc 1996)

Cheng, Astounding Wonder: Imagining Science and Science Fiction in Interwar America (pb 2013, eb 2012)

Chenoweth, The Prosthetic Tongue: Printing Technology and the Rise of the French Language (hc 2019, eb 2019)

Cherewatuk/Wiethaus, Dear Sister: Medieval Women and the Epistolary Genre (pb 1993)

Cheyfitz, The Poetics of Imperialism: Translation and Colonization from The Tempest to Tarzan, x/e (pb 1997)

Childers, Novel Possibilities: Fiction and the Formation of Early Victorian Culture (hc 1995, eb 2015)

Chism, Alliterative Revivals (hc 2002, eb 2013)

Cohen, The Fabrication of American Literature: Fraudulence and Antebellum Print Culture (hc 2011, eb 2011)

Cohen/Stein, Early African American Print Culture (pb 2014, eb 2012)

Cohen, The Social Lives of Poems in Nineteenth-Century America (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Cohn, The Writer's Way in France (hc 1960, eb 2016)

Coles, Bad Humor: Race and Religious Essentialism in Early Modern England (hc Apr 2022, eb Apr 2022)

Coletti, Mary Magdalene and the Drama of Saints: Theater, Gender, and Religion in Late Medieval England (hc 2004, eb 2013)

Collins, The Poetics of the Mind's Eye: Literature and the Psychology of Imagination (pb 1991)

Conarroe, William Carlos Williams' "Paterson": Language and Landscape (eb 2016)

Conrad, The Arrow of Gold: A Story Between Two Notes (pb 2004)

Constable/Denisoff, Perennial Decay: On the Aesthetics and Politics of Decadance (pb 1998, eb 2015)

Conti, Confessions of Faith in Early Modern England (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Cook, Canons and Wisdoms (hc 1993, eb 2016)

Cook, The Poet and the Antiquaries: Chaucerian Scholarship and the Rise of Literary History, 1532-1635 (hc 2019, eb 2019)

Cottom, Unhuman Culture (hc 2006, eb 2013)

Cottom, International Bohemia: Scenes of Nineteenth-Century Life (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Couch, American Fragments: The Political Aesthetic of Unfinished Forms in the Early Republic (hc Apr 2022, eb Apr 2022)

Crain, Reading Children: Literacy, Property, and the Dilemmas of Childhood in Nineteenth-Century America (hc 2016, pb 2017, eb 2016)

Crane, The Performance of Self: Ritual, Clothing, and Identity During the Hundred Years War (pb 2002, eb 2012)

Crocker, The Matter of Virtue: Women's Ethical Action from Chaucer to Shakespeare (hc 2019, eb 2019)

Crockett, The Play of Paradox: Stage and Sermon in Renaissance England (hc 1995, eb 2016)

Cuklanz, Rape on Prime Time: Television, Masculinity, and Sexual Violence (pb 1999, eb 2010)

Cumming, A Disimprisoned Epic: Form and Vision in Carlyle's French Revolution (hc 1988, eb 2018)

Dane, Out of Sorts: On Typography and Print Culture (hc 2010, eb 2011)

Dane, Blind Impressions: Methods and Mythologies in Book History (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Darnton, The Devil in the Holy Water, or the Art of Slander from Louis XIV to Napoleon (pb 2011)

David, Fanny Kemble: A Performed Life (hc 2007, eb 2013)

Davis, Factual Fictions: The Origins of the English Novel (pb 1997)

Daybell/Gordon, Cultures of Correspondence in Early Modern Britain (hc 2016, eb 2016)

de Vega/Reichenberger, El Primero Benavides (hc 1973, eb 2018)

de Vega/Reichenberger, Carlos V en Francia (hc 1963, eb 2018)

Dear, The Literary Structure of Scientific Argument: Historical Studies (hc 1991, eb 2015)

Decter, Dominion Built of Praise: Panegyric and Legitimacy Among Jews in the Medieval Mediterranean (hc 2018, eb 2018)

DeLamotte, Places of Silence, Journeys of Freedom: The Fiction of Paule Marshall (hc 1998, eb 2016)

Dellamora, Friendship's Bonds: Democracy and the Novel in Victorian England (hc 2004)

Dellamora, Postmodern Apocalypse: Theory and Cultural Practice at the End (pb 1995)

Dellamora, Radclyffe Hall: A Life in the Writing (hc 2011, eb 2011)

DeLombard, In the Shadow of the Gallows: Race, Crime, and American Civic Identity (pb 2014, eb 2012)

Deppman/Ferrer, Genetic Criticism: Texts and Avant-textes (hc 2004)

DeRitter, The Embodiment of Characters: The Representation of Physical Experience on Stage and in Print, 1728-1749 (hc 1994, eb 2016)

DeWispelare, Multilingual Subjects: On Standard English, Its Speakers, and Others in the Long Eighteenth Century (hc 2017, eb 2017)

Dickie, Lyric Contingencies: Emily Dickinson and Wallace Stevens (hc 1991, eb 2016)

Dickie/Travisano, Gendered Modernisms: American Women Poets and Their Readers (eb 2016)

DiCuirci, Colonial Revivals: The Nineteenth-Century Lives of Early American Books (hc 2018, eb 2018)

DiGangi, Sexual Types (hc 2011, eb 2011)

Dinius, The Camera and the Press: American Visual and Print Culture in the Age of the Daguerreotype (hc 2012, eb 2012)

Dinius, The Textual Effects of David Walker's "Appeal": Print-Based Activism Against Slavery, Racism, and Discrimination, 1829-1851 (hc Apr 2022, eb Apr 2022)

Dolan, True Relations: Reading, Literature, and Evidence in Seventeenth-Century England (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Dolan, Digging the Past: How and Why to Imagine Seventeenth-Century Agriculture (hc 2020, eb 2020)

Donoghue, How the Anglo-Saxons Read Their Poems (hc 2018, eb 2018)

Doody, Tropic of Venice (hc 2007)

Dorst, Looking West (pb 1999)

Douthwaite, Exotic Women: Literary Heroines and Cultural Strategies in Ancient Régime France (pb 1992)

Dow, Prime-Time Feminism: Television, Media Culture, and the Women's Movement Since 1970 (pb 1996)

Doyno, Writing "Huck Finn": Mark Twain's Creative Process (pb 1992, eb 2011)

Dreiser/Riggio, The American Diaries, 1902-1926 (pb 1983, eb 2015)

Dreiser/Dowell, An Amateur Laborer (eb 2017)

Dreiser/Nostwich, Newspaper Days (hc 1991)

Dreiser/West, Sister Carrie: The Pennsylvania Edition, r/e (pb 1998, eb 2015)

Dreiser/Coltrane, Twelve Men (hc 1998, eb 2016)

Dreiser/Riggio, Dreiser's Russian Diary (hc 1996, eb 2015)

Dreiser/West, Jennie Gerhardt (pb 2006, eb 2014)

Dreiser/Mencken, Dreiser-Mencken Letters, Volume 1: The Correspondence of Theodore Dreiser and H. L. Mencken, 1907-1945 (hc 1986, eb 2016)

Dreiser/Mencken, Dreiser-Mencken Letters, Volume 2: The Correspondence of Theodore Dreiser and H. L. Mencken, 1907-1945 (hc 1986, eb 2016)

Dreiser/Berkey, Sister Carrie: The Pennsylvania Edition (eb 2018)

Du Bois/De Lay, The Quest of the Silver Fleece: A Novel (pb 2004, eb 2013)

du Maurier, The Scapegoat (pb 2000)

du Maurier, The House on the Strand (pb 2000)

Dudley, My Father's Shadow: Intergenerational Conflict in African American Men's Autobiography (hc 1991, eb 2016)

Eastman/Riggio, Dearest Wilding: A Memoir, with Love Letters from Theodore Dreiser (pb 1998, eb 2015)

Economou, William Langland's "Piers Plowman": The C Version (pb 1996, eb 2015)

Eggert, Showing Like a Queen: Female Authority and Literary Experiment in Spenser, Shakespeare, and Milton (hc 2000, eb 2015)

Eggert, Disknowledge: Literature, Alchemy, and the End of Humanism in Renaissance England (hc 2015, pb 2021, eb 2015)

Einbinder, After the Black Death: Plague and Commemoration Among Iberian Jews (hc 2018, pb Mar 2022, eb 2018)

Eisenstein, Divine Art, Infernal Machine: The Reception of Printing in the West from First Impressions to the Sense of an Ending (pb 2012, eb 2011)

Elias/Bradley, Letters of Theodore Dreiser, Volume 2: A Selection (hc 1959, eb 2016)

Elias, Swift at Moor Park: Problems in Biography and Criticism (hc 1982, eb 2017)

Ellinger, Thomas Chatterton, the Marvelous Boy: With "The Exhibition," a Personal Satire (hc 1930, eb 2018)

Emerson, Mark Twain, A Literary Life (hc 1999, eb 2017)

Emery, Arthur Murphy: An Eminent English Dramatist of the Eighteenth Century (hc 1946, eb 2016)

Enders, "The Farce of the Fart" and Other Ribaldries: Twelve Medieval French Plays in Modern English (pb 2013, eb 2011)

Enders, "Holy Deadlock" and Further Ribaldries: Another Dozen Medieval French Plays in Modern English (hc 2017, eb 2017)

Enterline, Shakespeare's Schoolroom: Rhetoric, Discipline, Emotion (pb 2016, eb 2012)

Epstein, Recognizing Biography (hc 1988, eb 2017)

Erickson, The Language of the Heart, 1600-1750 (hc 1997)

Erickson/Hulse, Early Modern Visual Culture: Representation, Race, and Empire in Renaissance England (pb 2000)

Erkkila, Mixed Bloods and Other Crosses: Rethinking American Literature from the Revolution to the Culture Wars (hc 2004)

Fallon, Paper Monsters: Persona and Literary Culture in Elizabethan England (hc 2019, eb 2019)

Farrell/Flynn, On Irish Themes (eb 2016)

Ferguson, The Influence of Flaubert on George Moore (hc 1934, eb 2017)

Ferster, Fictions of Advice: The Literature and Politics of Counsel in Late Medieval England (hc 1996, eb 2016)

Festa, Fiction Without Humanity: Person, Animal, Thing in Early Enlightenment Literature and Culture (hc 2019, pb Sep 2021, eb 2019)

Fichtelberg, The Complex Image: Faith and Method in American Autobiography (hc 1989, eb 2016)

Filreis/Safford, The Difference Is Spreading: Fifty Contemporary Poets on Fifty Poems, 1/e (pb Apr 2022, hc Apr 2022, eb Apr 2022)

Firor, Folkways in Thomas Hardy (hc 1931, eb 2017)

Fish, The Fugitive in Flight: Faith, Liberalism, and Law in a Classic TV Show (hc 2010)

Fitzgerald, Tales of the Jazz Age (pb 2003, eb 2013)

Flowers, The Fantasy Factory: An Insider's View of the Phone Sex Industry (pb 1998, eb 2010)

Forman, Tragicomic Redemptions: Global Economics and the Early Modern English Stage (hc 2008, eb 2013)

Forni, Adventures in Speech: Rhetoric and Narration in Boccaccio's "Decameron" (hc 1996, eb 2016)

Forry, Hideous Progenies: Dramatizations of "Frankenstein" from the Nineteenth Century to the Present (hc 1990, eb 2016)

Franklin, Serious Play: The Cultural Form of the Nineteenth-Century Realist Novel (hc 1999, eb 2016)

Franks, Subscription Theater: Democracy and Drama in Britain and Ireland, 1880-1939 (hc 2020, eb 2020)

Frappier-Mazur/Gill, Writing the Orgy: Power and Parody in Sade (eb 2016)

Fraser, Star Territory: Printing the Universe in Nineteenth-Century America (hc 2021, eb 2021)

Freeman, Character's Theater: Genre and Identity on the Eighteenth-Century English Stage (hc 2001, eb 2013)

Freeman, Antitheatricality and the Body Public (hc 2017, pb 2019, eb 2016)

Friend, Short Stories of Yashpal, Author and Patriot (hc 1969, eb 2016)

Frye, Pens and Needles: Women's Textualities in Early Modern England (pb 2013, eb 2011)

Fuchs, Exotic Nation: Maurophilia and the Construction of Early Modern Spain (pb 2011, eb 2011)

Fuchs, The Poetics of Piracy: Emulating Spain in English Literature (hc 2013, eb 2013)

Fuchs/Brewer-Garcia, "The Abencerraje" and "Ozmín and Daraja": Two Sixteenth-Century Novellas from Spain (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Fuchs, Knowing Fictions: Picaresque Reading in the Early Modern Hispanic World (hc 2021, eb 2020)

Fudeman, Vernacular Voices: Language and Identity in Medieval French Jewish Communities (hc 2010, eb 2011)

Fulford, Wordsworth's Poetry, 1815-1845 (hc 2019, eb 2018)

Fulk, A History of Old English Meter (hc 1992, eb 2015)

Fulton, The Book of Books: Biblical Interpretation, Literary Culture, and the Political Imagination from Erasmus to Milton (hc 2021, eb 2021)

Fumerton, The Broadside Ballad in Early Modern England: Moving Media, Tactical Publics (hc 2021, eb 2021)

Gaggi, From Text to Hypertext: Decentering the Subject in Fiction, Film, the Visual Arts, and Electronic Media (pb 1998, eb 2015)

Gaggi, Modern/Postmodern: A Study in Twentieth-Century Arts and Ideas (pb 1991, eb 2015)

Galperin, Revision and Authority in Wordsworth: The Interpretation of a Career (hc 1989, eb 2016)

Galperin, The Historical Austen (pb 2005, eb 2013)

Gapp, George Gissing, Classicist (hc 1936, eb 2017)

Garnand, The Influence of Walter Scott on the Works of Balzac (hc 1926, eb 2017)

Gearey, Heinrich von Kleist: A Study in Tragedy and Anxiety (hc 1968, hc 1968, eb 2017)

Gebert, An Anthology of Elizabethan Dedications and Prefaces (hc 1933, eb 2017)

Genter, Late Modernism: Art, Culture, and Politics in Cold War America (hc 2010, eb 2011)

Gergely, Hungarian Drama in New York: American Adaptations, 1908 1940 (hc 1947, eb 2017)

Gezari, Charlotte Brontë and Defensive Conduct: The Author and the Body at Risk (hc 1992, eb 2016)

Giergielewicz, Introduction to Polish Versification (hc 1970, eb 2015)

Giles, Transatlantic Insurrections: British Culture and the Formation of American Literature, 1730-1860 (pb 2001, eb 2010)

Gilmore, Monsters: Evil Beings, Mythical Beasts, and All Manner of Imaginary Terrors (pb 2009, eb 2012)

Gist, Love and War in the Middle English Romances (hc 1947, eb 2017)

Glicksberg, Walt Whitman and the Civil War: A Collection of Original Articles and Manuscripts (hc 1933, eb 2016)

Goldsmith, Exclusive Conversations: The Art of Interaction in Seventeenth-Century France (hc 1988, eb 2016)

Goldstein, Vaux and Versailles: The Appropriations, Erasures, and Accidents That Made Modern France (hc 2008)

Gómez de Toledo/Barrick, Tercera Parte de la Tragicomedia de Celestina: A Critical Edition (hc 1973, eb 2017)

Goodkin, Birth Marks: The Tragedy of Primogeniture in Pierre Corneille, Thomas Corneille, and Jean Racine (hc 2000)

Goodman, Banished: Common Law and the Rhetoric of Social Exclusion in Early New England (hc 2012, eb 2012)

Gordon/Hollinger, Blood Read: The Vampire as Metaphor in Contemporary Culture (pb 1997)

Goudie, Creole America: The West Indies and the Formation of Literature and Culture in the New Republic (hc 2006)

Goulet, Optiques: The Science of the Eye and the Birth of Modern French Fiction (hc 2006, eb 2013)

Goulet, Legacies of the Rue Morgue: Science, Space, and Crime Fiction in France (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Gravdal, Ravishing Maidens: Writing Rape in Medieval French Literature and Law (pb 1991, eb 2010)

Gray, Postmodern Proust (hc 1992, eb 2016)

Green, A Crisis of Truth: Literature and Law in Ricardian England (pb 2002)

Green, Elf Queens and Holy Friars: Fairy Beliefs and the Medieval Church (hc 2016, pb 2018, eb 2016)

Greene, The Trouble with Ownership: Literary Property and Authorial Liability in England, 1660-1730 (hc 2005, eb 2011)

Griffin/Myrick, The Filostrato of Boccaccio: A Translation with Parallel Text (hc 1929, eb 2017)

Griffin, Henry Blake Fuller: A Critical Biography (hc 1939, eb 2017)

Griffin, Frank R. Stockton: A Critical Biography (hc 1929, eb 2017)

Griffin, English Renaissance Drama and the Specter of Spain: Ethnopoetics and Empire (hc 2009, eb 2012)

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