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The Penn Press list for fall 2021 includes hardcover releases, first-time paperbacks, and ebook editions intended for scholars, students, and serious general readers worldwide. Click here to explore our forthcoming books, grouped by subject area.

Complete Catalog: Health, Medicine, Caregiving

Titles from the Penn Press catalog, grouped by subject.

Abrahams/Norwood, Extinct Medical Schools of Nineteenth-Century Philadelphia (hc 1966, eb 2016)

Abramowitz/Panter-Brick, Medical Humanitarianism: Ethnographies of Practice (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Abusharaf, Female Circumcision: Multicultural Perspectives (pb 2007, eb 2013)

Adrian, The Mechanism of Nervous Action: Electrical Studies of the Neurone (hc 1932, eb 2016)

Ammann, Proceedings of the Bockus International Society of Gastroenterology: Fourth Annual Meeting, Geneva, May 7-9, 1962 (hc 1964, eb 2017)

Austrian/Thomas, Life with the Pneumococcus: Notes from the Bedside, Laboratory, and Library (hc 1985, eb 2016)

Barrer, Orthodontics: The State of the Art (hc 1981, eb 2016)

Bates, Bargaining for Life: A Social History of Tuberculosis, 1876-1938 (hc 1992, eb 2015)

Batza, Before AIDS: Gay Health Politics in the 1970s (hc 2018, eb 2018)

Beck/Alford, Depression: Causes and Treatment, 2/e (pb 2009, eb 2014)

Berry/Steitz, Emergency Physician's Guide to Dental Care (eb 2018)

Berry, Radiologic Anatomy of the Jaws (eb 2018)

Beuf, Biting off the Bracelet: A Study of Children in Hospitals (hc 1979, eb 2016)

Beuf, Beauty Is the Beast: Appearance-Impaired Children in America (eb 2016)

Beuf, Biting off the Bracelet: A Study of Children in Hospitals, 2/e (pb 1988)

Blake, Benjamin Waterhouse and the Introduction of Vaccination: A Reappraisal (hc 1957, eb 2016)

Bradley/Editors of Consumer Reports Books, A Patient's Guide to Surgery (hc 1994, eb 2015)

Briller/Conn, The Myocardial Cell: Structure, Function, and Modification by Cardiac Drugs (hc 1966, eb 2017)

Calabria/Macrae, Suggestions for Thought by Florence Nightingale: Selections and Commentaries (pb 1994, eb 2013)

Carter/Petro, Rising from the Flames: The Experience of the Severely Burned (pb 1998)

Claude, Science in the Service of Human Rights (pb 2011)

Cooper/Ledger, Innovation and Tradition at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine: An Anecdotal Journey (hc 1990, eb 2018)

Cuskey/Klein, Drug-Trip Abroad: American Drug-Refugees in Amsterdam and London (eb 2016)

Drabkin, Thudichum: Chemist of the Brain (hc 1958, eb 2018)

Dunne, The Nursing Job Search Handbook (pb 2002)

Erickson, The Language of the Heart, 1600-1750 (hc 1997)

Fellman/Fellman, Making Sense of Self: Medical Advice Literature in Late Nineteenth-Century America (hc 1981, eb 2016)

Finkler, Women in Pain: Gender and Morbidity in Mexico (pb 1994, eb 2010)

Finkler, Experiencing the New Genetics: Family and Kinship on the Medical Frontier (pb 2000, eb 2010)

Fishman, The Pulmonary Circulation, Normal and Abnormal: Mechanisms, Management, and the National Registry (hc 1989, eb 2016)

Freimuth/Stein, Searching for Health Information: The Cancer Information Service Model (eb 2018)

Fulton, The Great Medical Bibliographers: A Study in Humanism (hc 1951, eb 2016)

Galanti, Caring for Patients from Different Cultures, 5/e (pb 2014, eb 2014)

Geltner, Roads to Health: Infrastructure and Urban Wellbeing in Later Medieval Italy (hc 2019, eb 2019)

Gemmill, Britain's Search for Health: The First Decade of the National Health Service (hc 1960, eb 2017)

Golden/Rosenberg, Pictures of Health: A Photographic History of Health Care in Philadelphia, 1860-1945 (eb 2017)

Gordon/Benner, Caregiving: Readings in Knowledge, Practice, Ethics, and Politics (pb 1996)

Green, Bendectin and Birth Defects: The Challenges of Mass Toxic Substances Litigation (pb 1998, eb 2016)

Green, The Trotula: A Medieval Compendium of Women's Medicine (hc 2001, eb 2013)

Green, The Trotula: An English Translation of the Medieval Compendium of Women's Medicine (pb 2002, eb 2010)

Hamilton/Harberger, Postpartum Psychiatric Illness: A Picture Puzzle (eb 2016)

Hardy, The World of Surgery, 1945-1985: Memoirs of One Participant (hc 1986, eb 2017)

Harvey/Willis, The Works of William Harvey (hc 1989, eb 2014)

Hawkins/Ballard, Time to Go: Three Plays on Death and Dying with Commentary on End-of-Life Issues (pb 1995, eb 2016)

Haynes, Imperial Medicine: Patrick Manson and the Conquest of Tropical Disease (hc 2001, eb 2013)

Heymann, Equal Partners: A Physician's Call for a New Spirit of Medicine (pb 2000)

Hinton/Good, Culture and PTSD: Trauma in Global and Historical Perspective (hc 2015, pb 2019, eb 2015)

Hirsch, A Catalogue of the Manuscripts and Archives of the Library of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia (hc 1983, eb 2016)

Huss-Ashmore/Schall, Health and Lifestyle Change (hc 1992)

Ingleby/Gershon-Cohen, Comparative Anatomy, Pathology, and Roentgenology of the Breast (hc 1960, eb 2016)

Inhorn, Quest for Conception: Gender, Infertility and Egyptian Medical Traditions (pb 1994)

Jackson, "Camp Pain": Talking with Chronic Pain Patients (pb 1999, eb 2011)

Johnson, The Battle for Algeria: Sovereignty, Health Care, and Humanitarianism (hc 2015, eb 2015)

Kagan, Cancer in the Lives of Older Americans: Blessings and Battles (hc 2009, eb 2012)

Lau, New Age Capitalism: Making Money East of Eden (pb 2000, eb 2015)

Leopold, Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania, 1890-1975 (hc 1981, eb 2016)

Lowenberg, Caring and Responsibility: The Crossroads Between Holistic Practice and Traditional Medicine (eb 2016)

Martín Beristain/Lykes, Humanitarian Aid Work: A Critical Approach (pb 2008)

Maulitz/Long, Grand Rounds: One Hundred Years of Internal Medicine (hc 1988, eb 2016)

McGee, Manual of Industrial Medicine, 3/e (hc 1956, eb 2015)

Meleis/Birch, Women's Health and the World's Cities (pb 2013, eb 2011)

Mellyn, Mad Tuscans and Their Families: A History of Mental Disorder in Early Modern Italy (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Miller, The Adoption of Inoculation for Smallpox in England and France (hc 1957, eb 2018)

Murphy, Congenital Malformations: A Study of Parental Characteristics, with Special Reference to the Reproductive Process (hc 1940, eb 2016)

Nelson, Say Little, Do Much: Nursing, Nuns, and Hospitals in the Nineteenth Century (pb 2003, eb 2010)

Norman, Women at War: The Story of Fifty Military Nurses Who Served in Vietnam (pb 1990, eb 2010)

O'Connor, Healing Traditions: Alternative Medicine and the Health Professions (pb 1994, eb 2010)

O'Hara, Heal the Pain, Comfort the Spirit: The Hows and Whys of Modern Pain Treatment (eb 2016)

Opie/Fulcher, There's Nobody There: Community Care of Confused Older People (hc 1993, eb 2016)

Pauly/Kissick, Lessons from the First Twenty Years of Medicare: Research Implications for Public and Private Sector Policy (hc 1989)

Powell/Foster, Bring Out Your Dead: The Great Plague of Yellow Fever in Philadelphia in 1793 (pb 1993, eb 2014)

Pryor, Clara Barton, Professional Angel (pb 1988, eb 2011)

Reichenbach/Roseman, Reproductive Health and Human Rights: The Way Forward (pb 2011, eb 2011)

Romaine-Davis, John Gibbon and His Heart-Lung Machine (hc 1992, eb 2016)

Rosen/Rosenberg, The Structure of American Medical Practice, 1875-1941 (eb 2016)

Rosner, The Most Beautiful Man in Existence: The Scandalous Life of Alexander Lesassier (hc 1999, eb 2013)

Salguero, Translating Buddhist Medicine in Medieval China (hc 2014, eb 2014)

Sandelowski, With Child in Mind: Studies of the Personal Encounter with Infertility (eb 2016)

Sarnecky, A History of the U.S. Army Nurse Corps (hc 1999)

Scialabba, How To Be Depressed (hc 2020, eb 2020)

Scull, Madhouses, Mad-Doctors, and Madmen: The Social History of Psychiatry in the Victorian Era (pb 1981, eb 2015)

Senior, Medium Chain Triglycerides (hc 1968, eb 2016)

Silverstein, Psychiatric Aftercare: Planning for a Community Mental Health Service (hc 1968, eb 2016)

Simon, The Human Joint in Health and Disease (hc 1978, eb 2016)

Smith, Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired: Black Women's Health Activism in America, 1890-1950 (pb 1995, eb 2010)

Sobo, Choosing Unsafe Sex: AIDS-Risk Denial Among Disadvantaged Women (pb 1995, eb 2010)

Sullivan, The Friendship of Florence Nightingale and Mary Clare Moore (hc 1999, eb 2015)

Tapper, In the Blood: Sickle Cell Anemia and the Politics of Race (hc 1999)

Thomas, Partners of the Heart: Vivien Thomas and His Work with Alfred Blalock (pb 1998)

Todd, Intimate Adversaries: Cultural Conflict Between Doctors and Women Patients (eb 2016)

Tomes, The Art of Asylum-Keeping: Thomas Story Kirkbride and the Origins of American Psychiatry (hc 1994, eb 2016)

Tomlinson/Akerele, Medicinal Plants: Their Role in Health and Biodiversity (hc 1998, eb 2015)

Van Tassel, Aging, Death, and the Completion of Being (eb 2016)

Vogel/Rosenberg, The Therapeutic Revolution: Essays in the Social History of American Medicine (hc 1979, eb 2017)

Weisbrod, Economics of Public Health: Measuring the Economic Impact of Diseases (hc 1961, eb 2016)

Wolf, Nurses' Work, The Sacred and The Profane (pb 1988)

Wolfson, The Vestibular System and Its Diseases: Transactions of the International Vestibular Symposium of the Graduate School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania (hc 1966, eb 2016)

Woods/Rogers, Tales from Inside the Iron Lung (And How I Got Out of It) (eb 2016)

Yamin/Farmer, Power, Suffering, and the Struggle for Dignity: Human Rights Frameworks for Health and Why They Matter (pb 2017, eb 2015)

Zalumas, Caring in Crisis: An Oral History of Critical Care Nursing (eb 2016)

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