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The Penn Press list for fall 2019 includes hardcover releases, first-time paperbacks, and ebook editions intended for scholars, students, and serious general readers worldwide. Click here to explore our forthcoming books, grouped by subject area.


Current Season: American History, American Studies

New and forthcoming titles from the Penn Press current seasonal catalog.

Bell, Beyond the Politics of the Closet: Gay Rights and the American State Since the 1970s (hc Jan 2020, eb Dec 2019)

Blain, Set the World on Fire: Black Nationalist Women and the Global Struggle for Freedom (hc 2018, pb Sep 2019, eb 2018)

Byrd, The Black Republic: African Americans and the Fate of Haiti (hc Nov 2019, eb Oct 2019)

Cook, Spiritual Socialists: Religion and the American Left (hc Oct 2019, eb Sep 2019)

Faulkner, Unfaithful: Love, Adultery, and Marriage Reform in Nineteenth-Century America (hc Sep 2019, eb Aug 2019)

Flamm, In the Heat of the Summer: The New York Riots of 1964 and the War on Crime (hc 2016, pb 2019, eb 2016)

Gerstle/Lichtenstein, Beyond the New Deal Order: U.S. Politics from the Great Depression to the Great Recession (hc Dec 2019, eb Nov 2019)

Greer, Represented: The Black Imagemakers Who Reimagined African American Citizenship (hc Jul 2019, eb Jun 2019)

Gutterman, Her Neighbor's Wife: A History of Lesbian Desire Within Marriage (hc Dec 2019, eb Nov 2019)

Halpin, A Brotherhood of Liberty: Black Reconstruction and Its Legacies in Baltimore, 1865-1920 (hc Jul 2019, eb Jun 2019)

Hummel, Covenant Brothers: Evangelicals, Jews, and U.S.-Israeli Relations (hc Jul 2019, eb Jun 2019)

Jones, Captives of Liberty: Prisoners of War and the Politics of Vengeance in the American Revolution (hc Nov 2019, eb Oct 2019)

King, God's Internationalists: World Vision and the Age of Evangelical Humanitarianism (hc Jun 2019, eb 2019)

Larson, Laid Waste!: The Culture of Exploitation in Early America (hc Jan 2020, eb Dec 2019)

Lemire, Black Walden: Slavery and Its Aftermath in Concord, Massachusetts (hc 2009, pb Jun 2019, eb 2011)

Manion, Liberty's Prisoners: Carceral Culture in Early America (hc 2015, pb 2019, eb 2015)

Marroquín Arredondo/Bauer, Translating Nature: Cross-Cultural Histories of Early Modern Science (hc May 2019, eb 2019)

Patterson, Religion in the Public Square: Sheen, King, Falwell (hc Jun 2019, eb 2019)

Reeder, Smugglers, Pirates, and Patriots: Free Trade in the Age of Revolution (hc Jul 2019, eb Jun 2019)

Roberts, Colonial Ecology, Atlantic Economy: Transforming Nature in Early New England (hc Jun 2019, eb 2019)

Saler, The Settlers' Empire: Colonialism and State Formation in America's Old Northwest (hc 2014, pb Sep 2019, eb 2014)

Schrank, Free and Natural: Nudity and the American Cult of the Body (hc Aug 2019, eb Jul 2019)

Seeman, Speaking with the Dead in Early America (hc Nov 2019, eb Oct 2019)

Talton, In This Land of Plenty: Mickey Leland and Africa in American Politics (hc Aug 2019, eb Jul 2019)

Turner, Contested Bodies: Pregnancy, Childrearing, and Slavery in Jamaica (hc 2017, pb Sep 2019, eb 2017)

Walker, Divided Unions: The Wagner Act, Federalism, and Organized Labor (hc Jan 2020, eb Dec 2019)

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