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The Penn Press list for spring 2021 includes hardcover releases, first-time paperbacks, and ebook editions intended for scholars, students, and serious general readers worldwide. Click here to explore our forthcoming books, grouped by subject area.

Critical Studies in Risk and Disaster

Kim Fortun, Scott Gabriel Knowles, and Jacob A.C. Remes, Series Editors

Cleveland/Knowles, Legacies of Fukushima: 3.11 in Context (hc 2021, eb 2021)

Elinoff/Vaughan, Disastrous Times: Beyond Environmental Crisis in Urbanizing Asia (hc 2020, eb 2020)

Kunreuther/Meyer, The Future of Risk Management (hc 2019, pb Sep 2021, eb 2019)

Moses, Experts in an Age of Anxiety: Disaster Response and Spiritual Care from 9/11 to the Climate Crisis (hc Apr 2022, pb Apr 2022, eb Apr 2022)

Remes/Horowitz, Critical Disaster Studies (hc Aug 2021, pb Aug 2021, eb Aug 2021)

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