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Fall 2021 catalog cover

The Penn Press list for fall 2021 includes hardcover releases, first-time paperbacks, and ebook editions intended for scholars, students, and serious general readers worldwide. Click here to explore our forthcoming books, grouped by subject area.

Wharton School Press

Cappelli, Why Good People Can't Get Jobs: The Skills Gap and What Companies Can Do About It (hc 2012, pb 2012, eb 2012)

Cappelli, The Future of the Office: Work from Home, Remote Work, and the Hard Choices We All Face (hc Sep 2021, pb Sep 2021, eb Aug 2021)

Carey/Dumaine, Go Long: Why Long-Term Thinking Is Your Best Short-Term Strategy (hc 2018, pb 2018, eb 2018)

Davis, Beating Burnout at Work: Why Teams Hold the Secret to Well-Being and Resilience (hc 2021, pb 2021, eb 2021)

Day, Innovation Prowess: Leadership Strategies for Accelerating Growth (hc 2013, pb 2013, eb 2013)

Fader/Toms, The Customer Centricity Playbook: Implement a Winning Strategy Driven by Customer Lifetime Value (hc 2018, pb 2018, eb 2018)

Fader, Customer Centricity: Focus on the Right Customers for Strategic Advantage (hc 2020, pb 2020, eb 2020)

Frangos, Crack the C-Suite Code: How Successful Leaders Make It to the Top (hc 2018, pb 2018, eb 2018)

Friedman, Baby Bust: New Choices for Men and Women in Work and Family (hc 2013, pb 2013, eb 2013)

Guillén, The Platform Paradox: How Digital Businesses Succeed in an Ever-Changing Global Marketplace (hc 2021, pb 2021, eb 2021)

Kahn, Global Brand Power: Leveraging Branding for Long-Term Growth (hc 2013, pb 2013, eb 2013)

Kahn, The Shopping Revolution, Updated and Expanded Edition: How Retailers Succeed in an Era of Endless Disruption Accelerated by COVID-19 (hc 2021, pb 2021, eb 2021)

Lambert, Financial Literacy for Managers: Finance and Accounting for Better Decision-Making (hc 2012, pb 2012, eb 2012)

Li, The Engaged Leader: A Strategy for Your Digital Transformation (hc 2015, pb 2015, eb 2015)

MacMillan/Thompson, The Social Entrepreneur's Playbook, Expanded Edition: Pressure Test, Plan, Launch and Scale Your Social Enterprise (hc 2013, pb 2013, eb 2013)

Meyer/Kunreuther, The Ostrich Paradox: Why We Underprepare for Disasters (hc 2017, pb 2017, eb 2017)

Mollick, The Unicorn's Shadow: Combating the Dangerous Myths that Hold Back Startups, Founders, and Investors (hc 2020, pb 2020, eb 2020)

Platt, The Leader's Brain: Enhance Your Leadership, Build Stronger Teams, Make Better Decisions, and Inspire Greater Innovation with Neuroscience (hc 2020, pb 2020, eb 2020)

Rodin/Madsbjerg, Making Money Moral: How a New Wave of Visionaries Is Linking Purpose and Profit (hc 2021, pb 2021, eb 2021)

Sang/Ulrich, Winning in China: 8 Stories of Success and Failure in the World's Largest Economy (hc 2021, pb 2021, eb 2021)

Schoemaker, Brilliant Mistakes: Finding Success on the Far Side of Failure (hc 2011, pb 2011, eb 2011)

Shea/Solomon, Leading Successful Change, Revised and Updated Edition: 8 Keys to Making Change Work (hc 2020, pb 2020, eb 2020)

Shropshire, Sport Matters: Leadership, Power, and the Quest for Respect in Sports (hc 2015, pb 2015, eb 2021)

Shropshire/Williams, The Miseducation of the Student Athlete: How to Fix College Sports (hc 2017, pb 2017, eb 2017)

Singh/Useem, The Strategic Leader's Roadmap, Revised and Updated Edition: 6 Steps for Integrating Leadership and Strategy (hc Oct 2021, pb Oct 2021, eb Oct 2021)

Useem, The Leader's Checklist, 10th Anniversary Edition: 16 Mission-Critical Principles (hc Oct 2021, pb Oct 2021, eb Oct 2021)

Wadhwa, The Immigrant Exodus: Why America Is Losing the Global Race to Capture Entrepreneurial Talent (hc 2012, pb 2012, eb 2012)

Werbach/Hunter, The Gamification Toolkit: Dynamics, Mechanics, and Components for the Win ( , eb 2015)

Werbach/Hunter, For the Win, Revised and Updated Edition: The Power of Gamification and Game Thinking in Business, Education, Government, and Social Impact (hc 2020, pb 2020, eb 2020)

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