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All on-campus residents have access to the core XFINITY on Campus digital streaming service from Comcast. The core XFINITY on Campus service is offered at no extra charge, as part of your room and board. Included with XFINITY on Campus is over 24 hours of personal digital video recording storage in the Cloud (cDVR). Individual users can also choose to purchase premium subscriptions like HBO, Showtime, and more. (Penn Video Network is not responsible for premium purchases.)

XFINITY on Campus is available on both desktops and laptops, and mobile devices (iOS, Android, Kindle). It is also available as an app on some Roku devices. View the videos below to learn how to log in, or read the instructions that follow.

NOTE: You must be registered as an on-campus resident (College Houses, GreekNet Fraternities and Sororities, Sansom Place) AND you must physically be ON CAMPUS using Penn's PennNet network in order to register any new device with XFINITY on Campus.

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Watching and Recording XOC Programs


Purchasing Upgrades and Getting Help with your XOC Account


Detailed instructions for desktop/laptop browser users

Go to in your browser.

In the dialog box that says, “Your School Name,” type "University of Pennsylvania". Select “University of Pennsylvania".

You will be taken to the Penn WebLogin page. Type your PennKey and password.

After a few moments, you will be redirected back to the XFINITY on Campus homepage.

Make your choice from the top menu, for example "Watch Now".

A new browser tab/window will open.

NOTE: If this is the first time you're activating XFINITY on Campus in this browser, you may need to complete the following additional steps:

  • Scroll down to where it says, "XFINITY on Campus Students" and click "Sign in Here."

  • Search or scroll down for “University of Pennsylvania” and click “University of Pennsylvania.”

  • You will be redirected once more, where you will have to accept the XFINITY on Campus Terms of Activation. Click "Yes" to go on.

    • If you get a FEDX100001 error (“We are unable to determine your campus residency status”)
      , contact your ITA or Penn Video Network so we can check your user status. We may need to manually add your PennKey to the list of registered users. Please note that manual PennKey additions can take up to 1 hour to go through to the servers.
  • Follow the prompts to name your device/browser and click Enter.

XFINITY on Campus will add your browser as a new device.

You will be taken to the XFINITY For You page, where you can scroll, click, and watch available programming.


Instructions for mobile users (iOS example given below)

Download the mobile app appropriate for your device:

    iOS | Android | Kindle

Launch the app. Click "Get Started":

Under "XFINITY on Campus Students," click "Sign in Here":

Scroll through the list of schools to "University of Pennsylvania." Click "University of Pennsylvania":

You will be directed to the Penn WebLogin page. Enter your PennKey and password here and click "Login"::

The XFINITY TV app will add your mobile device. This may take a few moments:

Once your device has been successfully added, you can watch your favorite XFINITY on Campus TV:



  • Q: I can't access the service!
  • A: XFINITY on Campus is available only to on-campus residents. While some functionality - such as DVR and GO TV channels - is available off-campus, the first time you log in to XFINITY on Campus on your device, you MUST be connected to PennNet/AirPennNet, the University's wired/wireless network.

  • Q: How many devices can I register?
    A: You can register as many devices - desktops, laptops, or mobile devices - as you like. However, you can only stream to 1 device at a time, and only 3 devices can be registered at any given time. If you register a 4th device, XFINITY on Campus will delete the oldest registered device to make room for that 4th device.


More questions?

For PennNet connection or login issues, contact your ITA.
For issues with your personal XFINITY on Campus account or premium subscriptions, contact XFINITY support:

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