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  The Mission of the Office of Institutional Compliance is to serve and safeguard our community by recognizing risks in what we do and managing those risks by:
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  • Communicating with and educating the Penn community to promote an awareness of compliance risk and the objectives of our compliance activities;
  • Supporting the Penn community through our efforts to identify compliance risk;
  • Collaborating with the Penn community to develop innovative and effective ways to mitigate compliance risk.
  Our Vision for Compliance is to serve as a resource within our Penn community to facilitate understanding and upholding the principles underlying our commitment to support the laws, regulations and policies to which we are subject; to support our mission of research, teaching, patient care and community service, founded on integrity, that focuses on “Doing the right thing, the right way;” and to keep Penn at the forefront of defining compliance in higher education.
  Our Values reflect the ways in which we relate to each other and the communities we serve:
    EXCELLENCE - improving ourselves and each other through innovation and dedication to our common goals
    TEAMWORK - working together through cooperative participation and dialogue
    HUMANITY respecting and supporting ourselves, our co-workers, and our communities
    INTEGRITY - conducting ourselves ethically and respectfully in everything we do
Institutional Compliance Office
    COMMUNITY - nurturing a culture of partnership every day
    STEWARDSHIP - managing our resources responsibly and effectively
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