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Please carefully review the registration instructions in the front of the Freshman Timetable. After you’ve decided on some course choices, sketch out your weekly schedule and make sure you have no time overlaps. It will probably be helpful to experiment with the Course Search and Mock Schedule feature on Penn In Touch. You are required to contact your BFS advisor before you can actually register for courses. When requesting courses, make sure that you have included all parts of the course number. Pay careful attention to the order in which you list your choices. List first those courses which you really need/want and which may fill quickly (like freshman seminars or BFS seminars). Large lecture courses or courses with many acceptable sections can be listed lower on your preference list.

Once you have your course list ready for registration, you may register electronically via Penn In Touch. This requires your PennKey and password. If you are unsure about either of these, please refer to the information sent to you by the University. Once at the Penn In Touch page, click on the blue ‘Registration’ box on the left. If you don’t have convenient web access, call us at (215) 746-6488 or e-mail us at and we can input your course selections for you. You may request your courses at any time during the four-week Advance Registration period, June 27th-July 22nd, so long as they are entered before the deadline—but please don’t wait until the last day! Once the Advance Registration period ends, all course requests are processed simultaneously.

If you need to change your classes after Advanced Registration has ended, you can do so easily during the Registration Drop/Add period. This period begins in mid-August and continues through the second week of classes. To change your schedule, you can use Penn In Touch in much the same way that you did while requesting your courses.

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