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Major grants and fellowships, mostly to fund the costs of post-BA study, administered by the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships at the University of Pennsylvania.

CURF advisors are available to answer questions about these fellowships and to brainstorm with students about which might be most appropriate. Because many of the post-grad fellowships are in the UK, students should begin identifying graduate programs in the UK. The British Council has a database of funding for British institutions. CURF can assist with those applications as well as those listed in this section.

Are you a Prospective Rhodes Scholar? (or Marshall or Mitchell)*
Potential winners of highly-competitive international scholarships:

*CURF has a structured advising process for Rhodes, Marshall and Mitchell. There is no formal process in preparation for other fellowships. Candidates are encouraged to attend Fellowships 101, take part in the Personal Statement workshops, and work regularly with CURF advisors

If you are (or soon will be) an active applicant for any fellowship to the UK or Ireland, please subscribe to our specialized mailing list for details and reminders here.

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