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Fellowship Advising

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships at Penn works primarily with national and international, highly-competitive post-bachelor’s fellowships and some similar competitions as listed on the Fellowships Directory. CURF will assist candidates in identifying and applying for other similar fellowships not listed on the Fellowships Directory.

For the most part, although there are some exceptions, these do not include fellowships which are primarily professional or service. Candidates seeking professional, service or leadership programs are best served by working with Career Services.

The process of applying for fellowships requires advance planning and definition of goals from the potential candidate. Successful candidates will work with the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships throughout the year before the application deadline, in the form of information sessions and individual advising.

If you are (or soon will be) an active applicant for any fellowship, please subscribe to our specialized mailing list for details and reminders here.

The following documents describe the steps in applying to fellowships, and the timing we recommend:

Before seeking individual advising and in order to apply, candidates should review the Fellowships Directory to get an idea of the opportunities they are most interested in, and submit either the general pre-appointment worksheet or the Fulbright pre-appointment worksheet. Don’t worry if you do not yet have a clear answer for every question on the worksheet; it’s a starting point for the conversation, not an assessment.

Advising can take place in person or by phone. Appointments are necessary and in either case can be made during business hours by phoning 215-746-6488. If it is necessary to leave a voice mail message, please leave times that are best to reach you in addition to your contact information.

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