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Indicorps Fellowship

Each year, Indicorps selects 10 – 15 young professionals of Indian origin for one and two year service fellowships with grassroots service organizations in India.

Indicorps offers competitive fellowships for people of Indian origin interested in spending one to two years on unique development and service projects in India. Fellowships are designed as one-of-a-kind transformational experiences, emphasizing both public service and personal growth. Indicorps, an international non-profit organization with operations in the US, UK and India, will provide a stipend to 25 fellows who are willing to commit a minimum of one year to implement service projects established with partner organizations in India. This year, Indicorps is also offering opportunities to work on innovative independent projects through a “Grassroots Development Laboratory.” All fellows will participate in a four-week orientation program, strengthen their understanding of India through regular workshops, and are actively supported by Indicorps and partner organizations. Prospective fellows must be of Indian origin with a college degree or five years equivalent work experience.

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