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Soros Fellowship


Eligibility and Qualifications

  • Applicant must be a Green Card holder,


  • Applicant must be a naturalized citizen.


  • Applicant must have two parents who are naturalized citizens at the date of application.

Other applicants may be considered, most commonly refugees or asylees. Those who think they may be otherwise eligible are encouraged to consult with Soros Foundation representatives.

Applicants must be in their senior year in college or have a bachelor’s degree or be enrolled in a graduate program. Individuals who are in their third or subsequent year of study in the same graduate program are not eligible. Students who have received a master’s degree in a program and are continuing for a doctoral degree in the same program are considered to have been in the same program from the time they began their work on their master’s degree. Applicants may not be older than 30 years old on November 30 of the year in which they apply.

The program is open to individuals who retain loyalty and a sense of commitment to their country of origin as well as to the U.S., but it is intended to support individuals who will continue to regard the U.S. as their principal residence and focus of national identity.

Application Procedures and Selection Criteria

The application includes:

  • Formal application
  • Personal essays
  • Résumé
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Institutional endorsement form
  • Transcripts
  • Documentation of “New American” status
  • Results for required aptitude test results
  • Notification card for acknowledgement of receipt of application


Applications are entirely electronic and are due November 8, 2013.

Screening takes place during the first week of December. There is no internal Penn process for the Soros, but potential applicants are encouraged to let CURF know when applying and seek help during the application process.


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