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Recent Recipients


  • Mariah Deters (COL 2014): “The Future of Sustainable Energy in Modern China” [Mentor: Yuhua Wang, Political Science]
  • Lingbin Cai (EAS 2016): “Impact of Climate Change on the Tropical Oceans” [Mentor: Irina Marinov, Earth and Environmental Sciences]
  • Shabnam Elahi (COL 2014): “Mapping Risk: Environmental Exposure to Asbestos in Ambler, PA” [Mentor: Frances Barg, Anthropology]
  • Kim Gordon (COL; EAS 2014): “Environmental Behavior in Argentine Society” [Mentor: Joseph Sun, ]
  • Hoon Kim (COL; WH 2013): “A Political Analysis of Japan’s post-Fukushima Alternative and Nuclear Energy Policy” [Mentor: Frederick Dickinson, History]
  • Jessica Mangin (COL 2014): “Redefinition | Form in Sustainable Design” [Mentor: Daniel Barber, Architecture]
  • Mark Pantano (COL 2014): “Ecological Memory: Environmental Adaptation and Representation in Islamic Domestic Architecture” [Mentor: Renata Holod, Art History]
  • Gerard Salter (COL 2014): “Equilibrium Channel Geometry of Suspended Load Streams: Experimental Study” [Mentor: Douglas Jerolmack, Earth and Environmental Sciences]


  • Kensey Berry (COL 2013): “Cost, Carbon, and Social Responsibility: A Multifaceted Analysis of Penn’s Policy of Purchasing Renewable Energy Credits” [Mentor: Dr. Craig Calabria, Earth and Environmental Science]
  • Adriel Koschitzky (COL; WH 2014): “Green Synthesis of Boronic Acids” [Mentor: Dr. Gary Molander, Chemistry]
  • Hyejung Lee (COL 2013): “Recent Trends in Floodplain Carbon: Paradigm Case or Bias?” [Mentor: Dr. Jane Willenbring, Earth and Environmental Science]
  • Shirley Leung (COL; LPS 2013): “North-South Assymetries in the Responses of Ocean Ecology and Biogeochemistry to Global Climate Change” [Mentor: Dr. Irina Marinov, Earth and Environmental Science]
  • Katherine Oberwager (COL 2012): “Mexican and Puerto Rican Immigrant Urban Agriculture in the United States” [Mentor: Dr. Domenic Vitiello, City and Regional Planning]
  • Mark Pantano (COL 2014): “Life in the Quarry: Gaudi and the Search for Art Nouveau Environmentalism” [Mentor: Dr. Lothar Haselberger, History of Art]
  • Pallavi Podapati (COL 2013): “Appalachian Water Watch” [Mentor: Dr. David Barnes, Health and Societies]
  • Meg Schneider (COL 2013): “Nudges Toward Sustainability: Digital Shower Timers in Dorms” [Mentor: Dr. Jason Dana, Psychology]


  • Bianca Datta (EAS 2014): Nanocrystals for Solar Energy Conversion
  • Joanna Karaman (COL 2012): Defining Sustainable Use of Building Materials
  • Shirley Leung (COL; LPS 2012): Using 10Be to Understand Anthropogenic Influences on Soil Erosion Rates
  • Claire Masteller (COL 2012): Vegetation Stability and Climate Change: A case study at White Sands National Monument, NM
  • Douglas Miller (COL 2012): Sustainable Behavior Inducement


  • Zachary Bell (COL 2012A): Nonprofit Sustainability Management Model
  • Rachel Gittelman (COL 2011A): The Role of ALDH3A1 Variation in Climatic Droplet Keratopathy in the Mapucha Indians of Argentina
  • Maura Goldstein (COL 2011A): Penn Garden Development and Outreach
  • Rachel Margolis (COL 2011A): Studying Relative Sea Level on Georgia Coast
  • Claire Masteller (COL 2012A): Examination of the evidence for sea level rise through proxy data; Georgia, United States
  • Kirstin Washington (COL 2011A): The Geochemistry of Limestone Cave Waters and Its Implications for the Development of New Methods for Studying Paleoclimate

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