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Recent Recipients


  • Rachel Eisenstadt (COL 2013): “Development of a Rodent Model of Repeated Immunemodulating Resuscitation for Sepsis Allows Delayed In Vivo Evaluation of Microcirculation” [Advised by: Dr. Jose Pascual, Division of Trauma, Critical Care & Emergency Surgery]
  • Leanne Gale (COL 2013): “The Terrible Paradox of the Left: The Solidarity Movement as a Case Study of Joint Israeli-Palestinian Nonviolent Activism” [Advised by: Dr. Ian Lustick, Political Science]
  • Emily Goshey (COL 2013): “Salafism in Philadelphia: Re-examining the “Rise and Fall” Narrative” [Advised by: Dr. Fariha Khan, Asian American Studies]
  • Rowland Han (EAS; WH 2013): “Sustained Release of Proteins and Antibiotics from Hybrid Polymer-Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles” [Advised by: Dr. Paul Ducheyne, Bioengineering]
  • Joshua Herren (COL 2013): “Furious Acts: AIDS and the Arts of Activism, 1981-1996” [Advised by: Dr. Kathy Peiss, History]
  • Thomas Krane (COL 2013): “Photometric Confirmation of High Redshift X-ray Bright Galaxy Clusters” [Advised by: Dr. Masao Sako, Physics]
  • Max Levy (COL 2013): “Shmuel Alexandrov and the Making of a Modern Russian Jewish Philosophy” [Advised by: Dr. David Ruderman, History]
  • Muyi Li (COL 2013): “Effects of Chromatin Binding on Inner Centromere Protein Localization and Function during Cell Division” [Advised by: Dr. Michael Lampson, Biology]
  • Irina Markina (COL 2013): “L’antiquité en rêve [Antiquity in Dreams]” [Advised by: Dr. Andrea Goulet, Romance Languages]
  • Mateen Moghbel (COL 2013): “Amyloid-β Imaging with PET in Alzheimer’s Disease” [Advised by: Dr. Abass Alavi, Radiology]
  • Michael Morse (COL 2013): “Discretionary Disenfranchisement” [Advised by: Dr. Marc Meredith, Political Science]
  • Joe-Ann Moser (COL 2013): “Structure Function Relationships of Metal Requiring Enzymes: Studies of Isoprene Synthase and Histone Deacetylase 8” [Advised by: Dr. David Christianson, Chemistry]
  • Courtney Ng (COL 2013): “Womanhood and Maternal Health-Seeking Behaviors in Periphery China: A Hani Perspective” [Advised by: Dr. Katherine Mason, History and Sociology of Science]
  • Anshuman Pal (COL 2013): “Nodal Surfaces in Photoemission from Twisted Bilayer Graphene” [Advised by: Dr. Eugene Mele, Physics]
  • Seth Pollack (COL 2013): “The Role of Retail Investors in Book Built IPOs: Evidence from India” [Advised by: Dr. Hanming Fang, Economics]
  • Alethea Roe (COL 2013): “Ancient Faces, Enduring Questions: The “Fayum” Mummy Portraits and the Problem of Verisim” [Advised by: Dr. Ann Kuttner, Art History]


  • Tali Arbit (COL 2012): “The Free Library Bible, its Decoration and its History: A Case Study in 15th Century Spanish Hebrew Bibles” [Advised by: Dr. David Stern, NELC]
  • Danielle Bainbridge (COL 2012): ““The Two Women Shook Hands: A Dramaturgical Reading of No Telephone to Heaven and Lionheart Gal”” [Advised by: Dr. Tsitsi Jaji, English]
  • Samuel Belfer (COL 2012): “Worm-in-a-drop approach for high throughput long-term monitoring of C. elegans quiescent behavior” [Advised by: Dr. David Raizen, Neurology]
  • Limor Bordoley (COL 2012): “Rethinking the Six Day War: an Analysis of Counterfactual Explanations” [Advised by: Dr. Ian Lustick, Political Science]
  • Jennifer Dailey (COL 2012): “Detecting Lyme Disease Using Antibody-Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Transistors” [Advised by: Dr. A.T. Charlie Johnson, Physics and Astronomy]
  • Jacob Finkel (COL 2012): “Deceptive Veracity: Cicero’s Use of Direct Discourse for Dramatic Invention in ad Atticum 389” [Advised by: Dr. James Ker, Classical Studies]
  • John Gee (COL 2012): “The Origins of Rawlsian Metaethics” [Advised by: Dr. Warren Breckman, History]
  • Myles Karp (COL 2012): “Dubstep, Darwin, and the Prehistoric Invention of Music” [Advised by: Dr. Janet Monge, Anthropology]
  • Jeremy Levenson (COL 2012): “Pouring Water on a Drowning Man: Medicine, the State of New York and the Attica Prison Uprising” [Advised by: Dr. Eric Schneider, Urban Studies]
  • Sayra Lopez (COL 2012): “Espagueti a la diabla” [Advised by: Dr. Julie Schneider, Fine Arts]
  • Matthew Ricci (COL 2012): “Stokowski the Modernist” [Advised by: Dr. Emily Dolan, Music]
  • James Sharp (COL 2012): “The 21st Century New Left: Factors Influencing Economic Change in South America” [Advised by: Dr. Anna Viden, International Relations]


  • Sean Angiolillo (COL 2011): Left-Wing Extremism in Bihar, India: Understanding Emergence and Decline Amidst Escalation. [Advised by: Dr. Devesh Kapur, Political Science]
  • Pablo Barrera (COL 2011): Yangjindang and WonjijÇ’ngsa: The Syncretism of Chinese Thought and Korean Culture as seen in Hanok Architecture and Design. [Advised by: Dr. Nancy Steinhardt, East Asian Languages and Civilizations]
  • Sourav Bose (COL; WH 2011): Determinants of Pricing for Emergent Inter-hospital Ambulance Transfer in a Developing Setting: a Geographically Randomized Study. [Advised by: Dr. Kent Bream, Family Medicine and Community Health]
  • Kym Cole (COL 2011): Understanding Duch and His Impact: Reaching Toward National Reconciliation in Cambodia. [Advised by: Dr. Justin McDaniel, Religious Studies]
  • Clare Foran (COL 2011): Myth and Obsession: An Analysis of Postwar Criticism of Antigone, Les Mouches, and Jeanne Avec Nous in France. [Advised by: Dr. Antonio Feros, History]
  • Lauren Kapsalakis (COL 2011): The Informal and Formal Economies of Indigeneity Among the Toba of Barrio Nam Qom, Formosa, Argentina. [Advised by: Dr. Claudia Valeggia, Anthropology]
  • Allegra Marchione (COL 2011): Nonmetallic Catalysis of H2 Release from Ammonia Borane and Boron-Nitrogen Anionic Chain Growth and Reactivity. [Advised by: Dr. Larry Sneddon, Chemistry]
  • Emily Schultheis (COL 2011): Philadelphia and the Making of Jane Austen: Austen’s Novels in America 1816-1838. [Advised by: Dr. Peter Stallybrass, English]
  • Christopher Shook (COL 2011): Britain’s Propensity for Peace: An Analysis of British Foreign Policy and the International Hague Peace Conference of 1899 and 1907. [Advised by: Dr. Peter Holquist, History]
  • Sarah Vaughn (COL 2011): Producers First Amendment Beef with “Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner”: Agricultural Check-Off Programs and the First Amendment. [Advised by: Dr. Rogers Smith, Political Science]


  • Phillip Benedetti (COL 2010): Evaluating the salaries of Major League Baseball players
  • Laura Boudreau (WH 2010): Promoting food security in a volatile climate: Agricultural insurance protection for Senegalese farmers
  • Nadja Eisenberg-Guyot (COL 2010C): The Throwaway People: Social Marginality & Community Solidarity Among Informally-Housed Heroin Injectors
  • Emily Kaplan (COL 2010): Matisse’s Surrealism: 1935-1950
  • George Karandinos (COL 2010A): “You Ridin’?”: The Moral Economy of Violence in North Philadelphia
  • Benjamin Laitman (COL 2010): Reduced Gamma Range Activity at REM Entry and Termination in Fear-Conditioned Wistar-Kyoto Compared to Wistar Rats May Underlie REM Fragmentation
  • Julia Luscombe (COL; WH 2010): Our Money: Community Currency and Social Change
  • Adam Mandelsberg (COL 2010): The Carter Coalition: A Critical Look at the Ironic (and Seemingly Paradoxical) Assemblage Which Elected Jimmy Carter President in 1976
  • Lily Rogath (COL 2010): Pinxere et mulieres: Description of the Villa and the Tomb of a Gallo-Roman Female Artist Discovered at Saint-Médard-des-Prés (Vendée)
  • Emily Toops (COL 2010): Why Is there No EU Constitution? An Analysis of Institutional Constitution-Making in the European Union


  • Kyle Burr (COL 09) Achieving Peace and Justice in Northern Uganda: An Evaluation of the International Criminal Court and the Prospects for a Hybrid Criminal Justice Regime in Africa and Beyond
  • Andrea Finch (COL 09) Time, Place and the Human Experience
  • Matthew Franklin-Lyons (COL 09) Dynamic Term Structure Models in the Presence of Real-Time Macroeconomic Effects
  • Alexander Lessie (COL 09) The Demiurge of Persuasion: A Reading of Plato’s Gorgias
  • Nick Mayer (COL 09) (De/Ef)Facing Shakespeare: Investigating Joyce’s Dramatization of Masochistic Cuckoldry in Exiles and “Circe”
  • Hayling Price (COL 09) The Rezoning of 125th Street: A Second Harlem Renaissance? Neoliberal Governance and the Urban Regime
  • Max Reibman (COL 09) Beyond the Holy Land: The Partition of Greater Syria and the Birth of the British Mandate in Palestine
  • Philip Rocco (COL 09) Claiming Expertise and Authority: Think Tanks, Policy Space, and Twentieth Century American Political Development
  • Harvey Zhang (EAS/WH 09) Modeling Discrete-Time Transactions Using the BG/BB Model
  • Boris Zinshteyn (COL 09) Effects of Adenosine-to-Inosine Editing on microRNA Function


  • Wee Siong Goh (EAS 2008): Investigating the regulatory effects of SMN 3’UTR on mRNA processing.
  • Steven Hershman (COL 2008)
  • Alexis Hill (COL 2008): Gene duplication of Ion channels as an evolutionary mechanism for neuronal complexity
  • Willis Kiessling (COL 2008): RBC-tPA protects hypercapnic and hypotensive induced cerebrovasodilation after hypoxia and global ischemia by inhibiting ERK MAPK upregulation
  • Joshua Matz (COL 2008): Free speech from Holt to Holmes
  • Robert Medina (COL 2008): “En busca de espacios queer: geografias homoeroticas y discursos de poderen El lugar sin limites y El beso de la mujer arana” (”In search of queer spaces: homoerotic geographies and a discourse of power in Donoso’s Hell Has No Limits and Piug’s Kiss of the Spider Woman
  • Rachel Omansky (COL 2008): Their Nation Dishonored, the Queen Shamed and Country Undone: Feuding, Factionalis and Religion in the Chaseabout Raid
  • Curtis Roche (COL 2008): The Invocation of Clouds in Plato’s Apology
  • Marta Rozmyslowicz (COL 2008)
  • Daniel Warsh (COL 2008)


  • William Colsher (COL 2008): A Survey of Six Cellae Meretriciae in Pompeii
  • Arun Ganesh (COL 2007): Characterization of two acyl-CoA binding-proteins in the parasite Toxoplasma gondii
  • Di Hu (COL 2007): Between the Sword and the Wall: Inca and Modern Peruvian State Strategies of Control in Pomatambo-Vilcashuaman
  • Anton Matytsin (COL 2007): Skepticism and Belief in Early-Modern France: The Fideism of Bishop Pierre-Daniel Huet
  • Nisha Mukherjee (COL 2007): The Roles of Wilms’ Tumor 1, NADPH Oxidase 1, and Phorbolin-1 Proteins in the Mechanism of Cdx2-Mediated Differentiation of COLO 205 Cells
  • Aaron Rock (COL 2007)
  • Jason Schwartz (COL 2007): Fighting Words: Pistol Packin’ Dan Anthony and Frontier Journalism
  • Kate Wallis (COL 2007): Clean Screen: Use of An Autism Screening Tool in an Ethnically Diverse Population


  • Hannah Shacter: Access to emergency contraception
  • Phillip Berkman: Recreation of Colonial Philadelphia
  • Sarah Eskreis-Winkler: 1943 BRUSA Agreement
  • Josh Gordon: Capture Terroism in the 1970s & 80s
  • Michael Grosack: Weber’s Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
  • Ashley Johnson: Identity formation
  • Thomas Lay: “Account Mee Man”: Economic Incarnation and Commonwealth in Paradise Lost
  • Claudia Moser: Naked Power: The Phallus as an Apotropaic Symbol in the Images and Text of Roman Italy
  • Kirtesh Patel: Identification of a Gene Signature for Rapid Screening of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
  • Melissa Shive: The Heavenly Host: Angel Pietas of the Italian Renaissance

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