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Research Consultations

At your Research Consultation, you’ll meet with CURF’s Associate Director for Undergraduate Research to discuss your interests, goals, skills, and the resources available to you. Please call the CURF office at (215) 746-6488 to make a Research Consultation appointment.

Prepare for your Research Consultation appointment by assessing where you are in your development as a researcher, what you hope to accomplish, how much time you have available to devote to research, and what questions most intrigue and inspire you:

  • Develop a brief statement of your area(s) of interest, including why you want to do your research and what it is that you find fascinating about the topic. Your statement can be as detailed as a one-page summary, or just a few sentences, depending on how fully you’ve defined your interest area
  • Inventory your skills and intellectual interests: What are your greatest academic strengths? In what areas do you wish to improve? In your classes, what kinds of questions do you find yourself asking? What kinds of questions most intrigue you?
  • Where are the gaps in your preparation? What do you need to do to prepare yourself to approach faculty? How do you need to enhance your skills to do research?
  • Consider how you might persuade a colleague that your research is an important topic

During this consultation, we’ll discuss:

  • How to sharpen your research questions
  • How to prepare materials to share with faculty
  • How to find resources at Penn to help you
  • How to identify appropriate faculty
  • How to approach faculty, and how to persuade them to work with you
  • How to obtain funding
  • How to get the most out of your research experience

Even if you’ve already identified a research project, making a Research Consultation appointment at CURF can still help by directing you to resources at Penn (and beyond) to facilitate the successful launch of your research project.

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