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If you’re unable to find a faculty mentor using the strategies listed on CURF’s Finding a Faculty Mentor page, widen your search to encompass the entire Penn campus.

You can browse faculty research interests in each school:

  • Departmental pages in The College of Arts and Sciences allow you to conduct a focused search by field. Departments often list faculty on pages entitled “Faculty and Research” or “People.” The College also maintains an alphabetical list of all College faculty.

  • The School of Engineering and Applied Science maintains a Faculty Expertise Directory where you can search for faculty by name, department, or area of research expertise.

The Student Employment Office may also yield research opportunities through the Work-Study job listings page. Student research can be paid through the Federal Work-Study program if the student has a Work-Study grant. Students who do not have grants will still be able to find faculty researchers who are looking for students to hire, although not all will be able to fund non-work-study students. Searching under “category” = “research” yields the best results.

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