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Presentation Guidelines

These guidelines are intended for undergraduate researchers presenting their work at one of CURF’s Research Lunches.


ARRIVE EARLY to ensure that your presentation is ready to go (see Equipment below). Your presentation should last no more than 20 minutes.


CURF has numerous audio-visual options available for you to use. These include: LCD projector (we have a mini-DVI-to-vga converter, but if your laptop needs something else, please provide it yourself or bring your presentation on a CD or thumb drive), overhead projector, slide projector, and a copy machine. Please let us know in advance if you need any specific equipment.
Please note: You are responsible for making sure that your computer is compatible with the LCD projector BEFORE your talk is supposed to start. If you are unable to come early (or the day before) to try it out, be prepared to speak without it.


We strongly encourage students to work on their presentations with an experienced public speaker. CWIC’s Speaking Center is a resource offering advice and coaching on public speaking. Your UScholar mentor is also a wonderful resource.


The best audiences are full of your friends and professors – please invite all of them! And remember to speak to a “lay” audience when you make the presentation. Do not assume that your audience knows anything about your particular topic.


The best way to explore how you want to do your presentation is to see what other speakers do. You’ll quickly get a feel for what works and what doesn’t work. Research Lunches are your opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with your undergraduate research colleagues. We hope to see you in the audience as well as behind the podium!

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