Transfer Admissions

Only fully matriculated Penn freshman are eligible for transfer into the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology. Students may only apply to transfer at the conclusion of their freshman year.

A student wishing to pursue this dual degree program must develop a plan of study including the remaining requirements necessary to complete degrees in both schools.  Students are advised to utilize the worksheets for their intended engineering major and the M&T Wharton worksheet available in Penn in Touch to complete this exercise.

Please note that M&T students are required to take a minimum of 46 credit units in order to graduate.

Minimum Requirements:

Minimum GPA: 3.6

Prerequisite Courses:
Math 104 and 114
One of the following: Physics 140 or Physics 150 (or for MEAM majors: Physics 151, Meam 110 and/or MEAM 147)
SEAS / SAS Students: Economics 001 and 002
Wharton Students: Economics 010

Applicants must submit the following information to the M&T Program office:

  • The M&T Application
  • University Dual-Degree application***
  • Engineering students must complete essay questions #1 and #3 on the Wharton Dual Degree Application
    ***Please submit the Wharton Dual Degree Application online here
  • A completed Course Planning Guide - please submit an excel worksheet detailing all the courses you need to take and in which semesters you intend to take them
  • Personal essay (no more than two pages)
  • Two letters of recommendation from Penn faculty who have taught you. Recommendations should be confidential and can be mailed to, hand-delivered or emailed by the faculty to

***The University Dual-Degree application and Questions #1 and #3 on the Wharton Dual Degree Application only need to be completed if you wish to be considered for regular dual degree status in the event that you are not admitted to the M&T Program.*** 

All application materials (including letters of recommendation) must be submitted to the M&T Program office at 220 S. 40th, Suite 201F no later than 4pm on Friday, May 12, 2017. The M&T Transfer Admissions Committee reviews all applications. Admitted students are notified over the summer. Students not admitted may be considered for regular dual degree status.