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Upcoming Events

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CDCS Colloquium

The Center on Digital Culture and Society features Annenberg School Associate Professor Jessa Lingel in conversation with Craig Newmark, a web pioneer best known for founding Craigslist. The conversation will tackle the changing values of digital technology.


Other Ways of Knowing

Neuroscientist Andrew Newberg and Chair of Religious Studies at Penn Justin McDaniel discuss the intersection of neuroscience and the mystical. This conversation is an extension of the Mystics and Visionaries: Art and Other Ways of Knowing seminar.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

This virtual gathering, hosted by Penn Alumni and the SNF Paideia Program at Penn, includes a moderated talk about the history of diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and how it has evolved. Following the talk will be breakout sessions for networking.

Penn Priorities

A look at a few of our big picture priorities that improve Penn as we create knowledge to benefit the world.