Student Community

Believe it or not, there is no such thing as a typical M&T student. M&T's are a diverse group, hailing from a number of countries around the world, drawn together by a mutual love of math, science, engineering, business, and the intersection of them all. They are academic all-stars who have clearly identified passions and regularly get involved. Inspired by a “work hard, play hard” philosophy, M&T students transfer their strong time management skills from high school to the Penn environment and take part in a number of activities, either specific to the M&T Program or within the greater university community.

M&T's combine their knowledge of business and engineering in Management 237: Management of Technology, which is a special linking course offered only to sophomores in the Program. Students learn within their class cohort and collaborate on a final research project in which they present strategic analysis and a competitive posture on an industry undergoing significant technological change. M&T students have the opportunity to build on their experiences in Management 237 by participating in Management 235: Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This course focuses on the challenges and choices associated with the development of technical ventures.

M&T students put their academic knowledge to work via summer internships offered to juniors, sophomores, and even freshmen. For those interested in entrepreneurship, the M&T Intern Fellowship Award offers financial support to students who secure summer internships with startup ventures. And in addition to opportunities advertised via Penn’s Career Services Office, many recruiters and alumni come directly to the Program to recruit M&T's for full-time and summer employment.

The M&T Office is the campus hub and place to be for M&T students, offering academic and career advising, free coffee and printing, and a quiet place to study and hang out with friends. M&T Program staff work closely with the M&T Club Board, planning a variety of academic, professional, and social events throughout the year. You can learn more about the M&T Student Board here. Overall, M&T students are extremely supportive of each other in and out of the classroom.