Pilot Research Grants

The Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics 2009 grants were funded to the following awardees:

Principal Investigator: Justin Bekelman, MD
Out-of-Pocket Expenses and Treatment Choice for Men with Prostate Cancer: Preparing for Randomized Trial
Co-Investigator: Thomas Guzzo, MD, MPH

Principal Investigator: Kathryn Bowles, PhD, RN
A Pilot Study of the Feasibility and Effect Size of the Early Screen for Discharge Planning and the Discharge Decision Support System on Discharge Planning and Patient Outcomes.
Co-Investigators: David Horowitz, MD; Dinae E. Holland, PhD, RN

Principal Investigator: Jeremy Kahn, MD, MSc
The Effect of Mechanical Ventilation Protocols on Medical Training
Co-Investigator: Meeta Prasad, MD, MSCE

Co-Principal Investigators: Mark D. Neuman, MD; Guy David, PhD
Patient Selection and Preoperative Risk in Ambulatory Surgical Centers: A Pilot Study
Co-Investigator: Lee A. Fleisher, MD; Jeffrey H. Silber, MD, PhD; J. Sanford Schwartz, MD

Principal Investigator: Karin Rhodes, MD
A Working Group to Design and Evaluate Models of Care to Improve the quality and Efficiency of the Primary-Speicalty Care Interface in Patients with Chronic Conditions in Safety-Net Settings
Co-Investigators: Joanna Bisgaier, MSW; Marjorie A. Bowman, MD, MPA; David Grande, MD, MPA; Mary D. Naylor, MSN, PhD; Anje Van Berckelaer, MD

Principal Investigator: Samir Soneji, PhD
Can Medicare Meet the Unmet Dental Needs of the Elderly?
Co-Investigators: Alan M. Polson DDS, DMD, LDS; Ann Slaughter DDS, MPH  alan?

Principal Investigator: Rebecca Stein, PhD
In Hospital Network Formation: the Importance of Team Work on the Efficiency Gains of Hospitalists
Co-Investigators: Guy David, PhD; Linda Dynan, PhD

Principal Investigator: David Strum, MD, FRCP
Modeling Length of Stay in Institutional Cardiac Critical Care Beds

Principal Investigator: Flaura Winston, MD, Ph.D.
The costs of children's injuries to self-insured corporations
Co-Investigator: Yochanan Shachmurove, MBA, MA, PhD

Principal Investigator: Glenda Wrenn, MD
Developing a Lifestyle Resilience Model for African Americans
Co-Investigator: Chanita Hughes-Halbert, MS, PhD

Archive of past Pilot Grants

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