Pilot Research Grants

The Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics 2010 grants were funded to the following awardees:

Principal Investigator: Arthur Caplan, PhD and Dominic Sisti, PhD
Categories & Controversies: The Ethical Dimension of the DSM-5
Working Group Members: Marna Barrett, PhD, Jonathan Moreno, PhD, Anthony Rostain, MD, Phyllis Solomon, PhD, Michael Thase, MD, Michael Yudell, PhD, David Yusko, PsyD, David Yusko, PsyD, Benjamin DiCicco-Bloom, MA

Principal Investigator: Brendan Carr, MD
The Impact of Insurance Reform on Critical Care Resource Utilization
Co-Investigator: Sarah M. Lyon, MD

Principal Investigator: Jalpa Doshi, PhD
Variation in Prescription Drug Use across U.S. State Medicaid Programs
Co-Investigators: Pengxiang Li, PhD and Steven Marcus, PhD

Principal Investigator: Scott Hapern, MD, PhD
The Influence of Advance Directives and their Default Options on Satisfaction with Advance Care Planning
Co-Investigators: Derek C. Angus, MD, MPH, Robert Arnold, MD, George Loewenstein, PhD, Kevin G. Volpp, MD, PhD

Principal Investigator: Shreya Kangovi, MD
Patient Perceptions of Hospital Readmission
Co-Investigators: David Grande, MD, MPA and Judith A. Long, MD

Principal Investigator: Jonathan Kolstad, PhD
The Impact of Health Reform: Lessons from Massachusetts
Co-Investigator: Amanda Kowalski, PhD

Principal Investigator: Eileen Lake, PhD, RN, FAAN
Hospital Nursing Resource Configurations and Labor Market Contexts

Principal Investigator: David Mandell, ScD
Healthcare Variation among Individuals with ASD Across the Lifespan

Principal Investigator: Steven C. Marcus, PhD
Hospital Patient Safety for Child/Adolescent Hospital Psychiatry

Principal Investigator: Zachary Meisel, MD
Attitudes, Beliefs, and Trust Among Health Care Providers at the EMS to Emergency Department Patient Handoff

Principal Investigators: Judy Shea, PhD and Monika Goyal, MD
Development of an Audio-Computer Assisted Self Interview (ACASI) Based Sexual Risk Assessment Tool for Adolescent Patients within the Pediatric Emergency Department

Archive of past Pilot Grants

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